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  • We are posing as fishermen.
  • No more posing to-day!
  • Was she posing at that instant for his benefit?
  • Is it to be her career, this posing business?
  • I am posing for Tsepkovski.
  • Serve the elders right, perhaps, for posing as superhuman!
  • Mary Rose and Jenny Lind were posing for the jam poster.
  • Teen-age athlete inveigled into posing for dirty pictures.
  • I had been posing a great deal the day that was taken and was dead tired.
  • Perhaps he would not object to posing in school, with his master or mistress.
  • Mary Rose forgot that she was posing and dropped both jam jars.
  • Frank posing in his sports jetabout against a blue Pacific background.
  • I hardly like the idea of you posing as her husband, Wilfrid.
  • And I took to posing a childishness, an innocence toward him.
  • And there's 'Orphan Annie' actually posing as a belle!
  • This is Robespierre's favourite attitude, the priest posing as statesman.

How To Use Posing In A Sentence?

  • She was posing in the middle of the living room for the benefit of an admiring populace.
  • What pleasure was to be got out of grimacing and posing at these country-house parties?
  • He had a trick of posing in the box, and he delivered the ball with a flourish.
  • You will not find him posing at the top of a tree, challenging the world to listen and admire.
  • She was posing for him, using her grey eyes in these expressive ways, all for him.
  • There is among us too much of cowardice and laziness, posing as hyper-refinement and modesty.
  • Frank and Percy might have been posing for a picture of men who had lost their fountain pens.
  • She was posing before the mirror, critically, miserably, defensively, and perhaps bewilderedly.
  • Dr. Randall, posing as a nerve specialist, and fully qualified to do so, had lived a double life.
  • For an instant he was perturbed by a horrid suspicion that he had been victimised by a gang of swindlers posing as celebrated persons.
  • The gown had a long swishing tail at the back that could have been graceful on a vampire, but not on this posing girl.
  • For it was a hobby with him and a fairly expensive one, too, posing as an educated man of old family.
  • Melancholy over all things so that there is a wish to weep; and that group in mourning, sitting as if each person in it had been posing in studios.
  • Yesterday Seth brought me here, posing as a wealthy eccentric relative anxious to place me in safety.
  • For amusement and instruction of the vulgar, buffoons in herds of ten or more in fested the streets, hopping and posing to the sound of a drum.
  • Thalberg, owing to his dignified repose, was caricatured as posing in a stiff, rigid manner before a box of keys.
  • They thought he was untruthful, posing ... while in reality it was his tragedy that he felt out of place here and tried to be like everyone else.
  • Then the tiger turned, caught sight of his new assailant, and crouched with a malignant snarl, posing for a spring.
  • Williams and I once stood for a long while and gazed at a young woman posing in a drug-shop window, and argued whether she was alive.
  • Laura Winn herself was on the nearest piazza at the moment, stunningly handsome, and posing for a bow from her next-door neighbors as they came by.
  • It is quite evident that several times, at breakfast and dinner, in those long-past days, I was posing for the biography.
  • She unconsciously fell to thinking of the sculptor, and, by a natural connection of ideas, of Ninitta, who was still nominally posing for her.
  • The model could have but few acquaintances in the city, and as she would need support it seemed probable she might try posing for some of the artists.

Definition of Posing

present participle of pose | The act by which something is posed. | The act of one who poses or postures.
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