Possession In A Sentence

How To Use Possession In A Sentence?

  • Then there would be nothing to prevent him from taking possession of the buried treasure.
  • An entrance having at last been discovered, they took possession of a hut in which was a fire.
  • I kept possession of my fowling-piece, and came out neck and neck with my friend.
  • First, of course, is the possession of trained and efficient aviators to fly the machines.
  • After a lively engagement of two hours and a half, the allies had complete possession of the town.
  • He behaved exactly like a man in possession of valuable patent rights, who wants to be dealt with.
  • The mere fact of the possession of aeroplanes by a nation is a military factor of comparatively little importance.
  • Neither party was a beggar; but neither was in possession of sufficient estate to render a speedy marriage advisable.
  • I was quite content with that kind of society which forms the frontiers of fashion, and may be easily taken possession of.
  • By degrees his thoughts ceased to dwell so persistently upon the unsolved puzzle, and other interests took possession of his mind.
  • Suffice it to say, he took possession of a corner room of the inn, to which his chest was removed with great difficulty.
  • The trance of possession seemed, with her, to be a form of dissipation, in which she indulged as she might have catered for a baser appetite.
  • We took possession by the right of squatter sovereignty, the owner being unknown, or at all events, absent from the woods.
  • The Americans had hardly gained possession of the frigate, when a number of launches were seen hurrying about the harbor.
  • A rapid and daring advance would have given them possession of Washington, their enemy's capital.
  • Although to take possession of Manila would be comparatively easy, to hold it with his force would be another matter.
  • All England, with the very small exception of those who united the possession of learning with common sense, was imbued with the frenzy.
  • Do you forget that the Osmanlis are always loth to relinquish any Hungarian stronghold that they once get possession of?
  • He was answered, "Sir, it is there written on what day your honor took possession of this island.
  • And she, on her side, took possession of our chambers, and, for a ridiculously small sum a week, worked her miracles for us.
  • They will soon be put in possession of its secret, and close this volume, not altogether without regret, as I hope.
  • I now conceived a faint hope that if it went to Rome, I might somehow or other regain possession of it.
  • Wayne commanded the forces that took possession of Savannah and Charleston, after their evacuation by the British.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Possession | Possession Sentence

  • Dull despair had taken possession of him.
  • Sullivan and his army had undisputed possession of the field.
  • The sun took absolute and merciless possession of the street.
  • Foster took possession of the abandoned camp and waited until morning.
  • He showed satisfaction as he took possession of his well-earned reward.
  • It is said that a broken heart is a most valuable possession for a young man.
  • That upturned sightless white eye of his took possession of my imagination.
  • Keith put him in possession of the facts, and he became deeply interested.
  • Yet, as everybody knows, truth is not wholly the possession of either.
  • I only regret that I am forced to deny his possession of this very grace.
  • Mr. Charles was at her in an instant, and had possession of the notes.
  • A sickening, paralysing fear took possession of Gray as he saw and knew.
  • Presently Miss Fetters became more quiet, and the possession left her.
  • I have taken possession of naval station at Cavite on Philippine Islands.
  • He also took possession of Smithland, at the mouth of the Cumberland River.
  • Albemarle was in full possession of the king's views on these subjects.

Definition of Possession

(obsolete) To invest with property. | Control or occupancy of something for which one does not necessarily have private property rights. | Something that is owned.
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