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  • And what splendid possibilities for travel and adventure are here!
  • Archibald had within him great possibilities for hero-worship.
  • There is no hour so rich in possibilities for this growing life.
  • The possession of wealth represents vast possibilities for service.
  • The possibilities for utilizing left-overs are almost endless.
  • Indeed, the brain furnishes all possibilities for such a theory.
  • Moreover, they possessed much greater possibilities for purely dramatic effect.
  • Castle shrugged his shoulders--seeing possibilities for the future.

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  • But their possibilities for good were overbalanced by their actualities of evil.
  • Scraper boards offer most remarkable possibilities for black and white and half-tone sketches.
  • On the following day they started to look into the possibilities for big game around the new camp.
  • He had kept his eyes open and felt sure that the possibilities for Cincinnati were very great.
  • And ten pounds, which meant so very little to Merry Cardew, held untold possibilities for Maggie.
  • There were great possibilities for making the interior of the house attractive on a small expenditure of money.
  • Dollar felt dashed until he remembered to appreciate one of the few possibilities for which he had not come quite prepared.
  • The world of industry holds possibilities for adventure as thrilling as the world of high-colored romance.
  • Will greeted their coming with delight, for he saw great possibilities for future feasts in the game acquired.
  • Now that automobiles are so abundant, the possibilities for motor picnics and progressive motor parties are many and various.
  • Its aim was to facilitate the use of telematics applications and to increase the possibilities for communication in and between European languages.
  • He has not been brought in contact with the several partially-civilized tribes, in whose advancement many see possibilities for the whole race.
  • Thou givest us this beautiful earth, adorned with a thousand varied beauties, crowded with opportunities and possibilities, for our home.
  • But Lionel, who knew her better and had some secret knowledge of her possibilities for intrigue and conspiracy, found himself questioning.
  • This scheme of a National University is fraught with literally untold possibilities for good to your country.
  • A department in the Women's Club can examine vacation possibilities for domestics.
  • Neither could forget that it was quite within the bounds of possibilities for Calendar to be awaiting them in Calais.
  • On the other hand, he was certain that this first night in Tete Jaune held very large possibilities for him.
  • Since the salvation of Turkey in Europe was no longer feasible, only two possibilities for settling the question remained.
  • Cross-examination as to credit has also its legitimate use to accomplish the same end; but this powerful weapon for good has almost equal possibilities for evil.
  • And as pioneering progresses into the more advanced stages of improvement, so do the opportunities and possibilities for mental work and culture become more generally and readily appreciable.
  • And this invasion resulted in producing very promptly not only a situation appalling in its immediate realization, but one of even more terrifying possibilities for the near future.
  • He opened up, merely through his own name and all there is behind it, loan possibilities for which we might have struggled uselessly the rest of our lives without his help.
  • Now I wish that I had then more clearly realised possibilities, for Boston was at the height of its literary reputation.
  • The human body is packed full of marvelous devices, of wonderful contrivances, of infinite possibilities for the happiness and riches of the individual.
  • Strangest, perhaps, of all these possibilities for fiction is the anting-anting, at once a mysterious power to protect its possessor and the outward symbol of the protection.
  • It was the location which attracted the present owner, for he saw here great possibilities for development; so he purchased the estate with a view of surrounding the house with gardens.
  • He drops the poisoned drop into the ear, and from that moment all consciousness takes on a dulness, and the man becomes terrified lest life is losing its possibilities for him.
  • Those wonderful dark eyes of such passionate, tender depth, which yet held possibilities for every emotion which finds its place in the depth of a strong heart.
  • In fact, the airplane had definitely begun to assert its superiority as master of the air, and many eyes in all parts of the world were fixed on it and on the great future possibilities for which it stood.
  • The colonel turned and looked at the major, who returned the look with interest, for these last words opened up plenty of possibilities for disposing of a terrible difficulty in the matter of supplies.
  • As you drove slowly along the country road, did you ever stop to consider the many possibilities for development that lie hidden in the old Colonial farmhouses found here and there?
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