Possibly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Possibly

1. In appearance it is possibly ahead of all. 🔊

2. I possibly may serve you. 🔊

3. And possibly he might have some explanations? 🔊

4. What more could we possibly want? 🔊

5. Do all you possibly can to rid me of that old demon. 🔊

6. How could she possibly endure their unfaltering candour? 🔊

7. I had written four books then, possibly five. 🔊

8. If that is the case, we cannot possibly catch the Sophist. 🔊

9. It couldn't possibly have interested her. 🔊

10. Nothing could possibly go on better than the early part of the evening. 🔊

11. I think the poultry experiment lasted about a year, possibly two years. 🔊

12. The British air-raid on Duesseldorf also accounted for one or possibly two. 🔊

How to use Possibly in Sentences?

1. Colour is capable of giving to objects a charm which they could not possibly have without it. 🔊

2. For the first and possibly the last time in her life she was quite free from worry. 🔊

3. She seems to be in great distress of mind, and possibly you might be able to comfort her. 🔊

4. I had instinctively defended myself against the suggestion that I might possibly be one of them. 🔊

5. It came to Joan in a flash that the man was doubtless some relative, possibly her brother. 🔊

6. He must be the Sophist, whom we are seeking; no other name can possibly be right. 🔊

7. Mrs. Yorke turned and thanked him with graciousness, possibly with a little condescension. 🔊

8. I really wish to know the truth on this subject, for I cannot possibly believe what is said. 🔊

9. How any person could possibly produce such furniture, be he ever so degraded, I cannot think. 🔊

10. Long before they could possibly arrive we were both watching for Jessie's and Joe's return. 🔊

11. And what line of distinction can there possibly be greater than that which divides ignorance from knowledge? 🔊