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  • The same question is still put to the posterity of Thor.
  • The posterity of Adam soon forgot God.
  • My name will be handed down to posterity as that of a universal benefactor.
  • Never forget that posterity will sit in judgment on princes.
  • The love of posterity is a consequence of the necessity of death.
  • Hence it is said his posterity bore the serpent and child as their ensign.
  • To posterity I bequeath the recognition of these poor captives.
  • What mortals while they live But half receive, posterity shall give.
  • About posterity were I to prate, Who then the living would amuse?

How To Use Posterity In A Sentence?

  • Did you expect posterity to reverse the verdict of the satirists, and to do you justice?
  • And, then, there was a reliance upon posterity which is neither felt nor warranted now.
  • As we have seen in so many other instances, it was left for posterity to do Collins justice.
  • What dazzles, for the moment born, must perish; What genuine is posterity will cherish.
  • The Archduke Francis Ferdinand will go down to posterity without having yielded up his secret.
  • By what means were the posterity of Shem and Japheth enabled to enslave the posterity of Ham?
  • The whole posterity of Shem and Japheth are intellectually superior to the posterity of Ham.
  • This is exact truth, but without any appearance of being so; and posterity will with difficulty believe it.
  • Of course none of the now surviving species of apes is to be regarded as the unaltered posterity of that primeval parent-form.
  • It was further asserted that these liberties were to be enjoyed by the people of the Colony and their posterity forever.
  • If he was, posterity may be sure that his influence was not exercised unduly in the direction of a bloodless solution of the crisis.
  • Have we not bound it on posterity forever, though our abettors have declared that no one generation is competent to bind another?
  • He would have been passed down to posterity as a dealer in wholesale scandal, who cared nothing for the wounded feelings of relatives.
  • I place the most implicit confidence in his faithfully transmitting to posterity what I have imparted to him for this purpose.
  • He goes on enviously to imagine the discovery by posterity of a means of transplanting oaks of a hundred and fifty years as easily as tulip-bulbs.
  • Realising full well that posterity would read him, he also realised what were the things that posterity would like to hear about it.
  • That might be all right for posterity, but we have got to be sure of it, or our posterity is not going to be able to pay the national debt.
  • The fellow, as usual, was thinking only of what a grand thing it would be if he could only get that scene for posterity to gaze upon.
  • He is clear that "arts are not yet come to their solstice," and that posterity will bring hidden things to light.
  • The career of its greatest hero illustrates the manner in which the loyal nation gave to posterity a victorious Union.
  • He appeals with confidence to the "impartial decision of posterity"; but posterity does not appoint a hearing for one per cent.
  • By reason of the valour of that man whose very dust your posterity will honour and revere, the liberties of the Poles have been born again.
  • And yet, it was a curious phase: their influence was generally found when history untangled for posterity some Gordian knot.
  • Anarchism, at least as I understand it, leaves posterity free to develop its own particular systems, in harmony with its needs.
  • Let the facts attest and let posterity decide; thank Heaven I shall not be there to hear the verdict.
  • Nor should they be held up to the curiosity of posterity as a singular and pernicious exhibition, detached from his time and generation, and independent of them.
  • And for some reason, which posterity will doubtless find even more difficult to fathom than I have, I was chosen.
  • If we succeed in clearing the soil from the rubbish of the past and present, we will leave to posterity the greatest and safest heritage of all ages.
  • Accursed should I be, and all my posterity with me, if I were to sell my oppressed nation for a few pence and bring armies against my native land.
  • He did not sufficiently study the mystery of facts and thoughts, did not sufficiently investigate and scrutinize their connection, to give posterity a just and impartial opinion.
  • She has celebrated the funeral of kings and kingdoms that plotted her destruction; and, with the inscriptions of their pride, has transmitted to posterity the record of their shame.

Definition of Posterity

All the future generations, especially the descendants of a specific person.
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