Postgraduate In A Sentence

How To Use Postgraduate In A Sentence?

  • Graduate of Carthage College, and has done much postgraduate work, credit due to student ancestry.
  • The postgraduate may play the game using as counters the great and distinctive cheeses of more than fifty countries.
  • Every Wellington girl who comes back for the postgraduate course gives me a compliment better than a gift of jewels.
  • College, color, and employment; racial differentials in postgraduate employment among 1964 graduates of Louisiana colleges.
  • Molly spoke to many friends, but she missed her intimates and wondered where Nance was, and if any of the others were coming back for the postgraduate course.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Postgraduate | Postgraduate Sentence

  • Their postgraduate year is over.
  • Doing a little tutoring and a little postgraduate work.
  • I am overjoyed that you are to take the postgraduate course.

Definition of Postgraduate

Of studies which take place after having successfully completed a degree course. | A person continuing to study in a field after having successfully completed a degree course.
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