Potent In A Sentence

Definition of Potent

Possessing strength. | Powerfully effective. | Having a sharp or offensive taste.

How To Use Potent In A Sentence?

  • She did not know that there are times when the emotions are more potent than the subtlest wines.
  • Even foreign deities were in his eyes real and potent beings, each in his own territory.
  • All the simple conventions of his life might well wait upon a reason potent as this.
  • An equally potent cause for his resignation was the meagreness of his salary of $3500.
  • Again the movement of gratitude, which is so potent a force, if only we would believe it.
  • The most potent barrier set up against the opponents of slavery is made of the prejudices carefully instilled into the popular mind against them.
  • Tobacco smoke is more deleterious than ale, teetotaller; bile more potent than brandy.
  • Your brain is something worse than that office-boy, something more insidiously potent for evil.
  • But a still more potent factor was the conservatism of the hereditary Irish poet families.
  • O charms more potent than the rapt Chaldee Ever drew down from out the quiet stars!
  • The substratum of Italy has always been pagan, sensuous, the most potent symbol the sexual symbol.
  • But these nations are not potent enough in world affairs for their action to have an international influence.
  • More potent for happiness than courses in domestic economy will be training in sufficient domestic motives.
  • Each whispered to the other, and they all became fired with curiosity more potent than money bribes.
  • Their great mission is the creation of an intelligent public opinion, a force more potent than government itself.
  • The tender of a cigar in the South is a recognition of comradeship which is a most potent mollifier.
  • Men with black beards and ladies with cigarettes say that machine-guns and fire and death are pills that are potent for our good.
  • If it were only the wrath of man, though it were of the most potent prince, it would be comparatively little to be regarded.
  • Love, more potent than electricity, required no interpreter, and that most powerful of all magnets drew them together.
  • Attracted by some potent charm toward this dazzling focus, they come inquisitive and ardent, to warm themselves at its furnace.
  • Seek for doctrines in harmony with these words, from which setting out thou mayest with gladness abandon things so potent to attract and overcome.
  • Her face was illumed by a great joy, all her reserve was gone, but the charm which had first drawn me to her cast a more potent spell than ever.
  • In fact, for my purpose it was rather better, a more potent influence; like the stronger intoxication of raw spirit.
  • The best nations are those most widely related; and navigation, as effecting a world-wide mixture, is the most potent advancer of nations.
  • This place was taking its toll on the both of them; Boyce with his potent strength and Lloyd with his immobility of character.
  • The Master readily granted the request of so potent a monarch, and the king went on board in the habit of a Templar.
  • Henry did not dream that this fiddling boy, Jefferson, was to be the potent pen of a Declaration which was to emancipate a hemisphere.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Potent | Potent Sentence

  • It is the most potent thing in the world.
  • Is it numerically so potent as it is represented?
  • Is thy potent wand then broken?
  • The weather is always a potent factor.
  • I understand: a potent sign!
  • O Flattery, how potent is thy sway!
  • Is not a silken ankle as potent at Bath as in Bohemia?
  • There is no eloquence so potent as that which is backed by genuine passion.
  • Before church or school the family stands potent for character.
  • Most potent spirits free from man's control.
  • But riches are a good, and, at all events, the most potent means of pleasure.
  • What potent charm can once again Relift the cross, rebuild the fane?
  • These civil-service gentlemen, they say, Are very potent in the press to-day.

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