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  • Thus it will be seen that the king of these islands was a potentate of no mean grandeur.
  • Even the order of a mighty potentate was held in subordination to their injunctions.
  • I demand that thou tell me the name of the potentate by whom these punishments are imposed.
  • As great an event was this to me, as the inauguration of our highest potentate to the people.
  • As soon as the parties were brought in, the judicial potentate eyed them sternly for some time.
  • These were bold words to use of the potentate whose command all Christendom obeyed.
  • Before ten o'clock she reigned sole power and potentate in Ruth's little chamber.
  • This potentate is called the "grand khan," or supreme prince of all the Tartar tribes.
  • He felt as if he had been insulted in having had such a summons from a foreign potentate served upon him by a lawyer in his own house.
  • This potentate made a gracious response to their overtures, and wished them all success in their enterprises.
  • Then she turned all over to her dusky satellites, and at once became grand high potentate and autocrat.
  • And yet they were a pair of whom the haughtiest potentate on earth might have been proud, and with justice.
  • They had bought one of the finest living executive brains and made it a potentate among its fellows.
  • The approbation of that potentate may be a matter of indifference to him, but it is of great importance to his wife.
  • Well, we met the potentate in our own clothes and he met us in his own clothes, jest as he and we had a right to.
  • He who, during all the valuable years of his services, had never had a sign that that potentate was cognizant of his humble existence.
  • Well, that chocolate potentate used to be the biggest item of interest anywhere between the colour line and the parallels of latitude.
  • Every Eastern potentate appeared to be trying to vie with all the others as to the gems he wore in his turban.
  • In a small mirror fastened to the edge of his desk the sneering potentate could note the dial-reading of the instrument without turning.
  • Whether by the natural light of reason we can conceive of God as a lawgiver or potentate ordaining laws for men?
  • This potentate was not to be cajoled by their protestations of loyalty to the United States government.
  • Why, there's no social grade, the sordidest, My embryo potentate should brink and scape.
  • There was no difficulty in finding such; incipient human nature being as willing to oblige a very real potentate as the developed and matured article.
  • It was his, beyond the power of any earthly potentate to deprive him of it, and would have been transmitted by him to a son with as absolute security.
  • We have always held that the only way to deal with a Mohammedan potentate like the Shriek is to treat him like a Christian.
  • But even the feudal ages were in practice thus far democratic, that every feudal potentate knew that any laws which he made would in all probability return upon himself.
  • That stout man, with his elbows resting on the table covered with the conventional green cloth, had the air of a potentate called upon to arbitrate between neighboring kings.
  • The custom was for a potentate of that district to procure for the Austrians a sufficient number of men, to whom three or four crowns a day would be paid.
  • They did not commence their military career until the Moghul had become a mere shadow, and when that potentate was altogether unable to protect them against the tyrannical practices of his lieutenants.
  • In fact, her ardent and impulsive imagination was fired with the idea of making, a second time, the conquest of the greatest general and highest potentate in the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Potentate | Potentate Sentence

  • People never do when a potentate is on his throne.
  • To be the Potentate of all Mankind!
  • Into Which a Potentate Comes XIII.
  • The titles of the Russian Potentate would, if printed here, fill half a page.
  • His demeanor to Louis XIII. was that of one potentate to another.

Definition of Potentate

(obsolete) Regnant, powerful, dominant. | A powerful leader; a monarch; a ruler. | A powerful polity or institution.
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