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How To Use Potentially In A Sentence?

  • Throughout this journey of progression he has ever and always been potentially man.
  • The peyote button is considered to be a powerful agent and as such potentially dangerous.
  • It is open to all potentially and eventually, but not actually and in the present.
  • The conscious moment when a woman becomes aware that she is potentially a mother.
  • He who possesses money has potentially in his possession everything that can be bought with money.
  • A quick-witted woman exerting her wit is both a foreigner and potentially a criminal.
  • She had always been potentially an artist; but she at last had attained vision.
  • Finally, the public library includes potentially all other means of social betterment.
  • That is where the discovery of the Bailey Gospel Singers recording is potentially so important.
  • That in which all things potentially existed, yet who was more than all, is not the ghost of a conjurer or chief.
  • The amount of moisture potentially available to sustain vegetable growth is also greater than most gardeners think.
  • It formed part of inherent prenatal impressions, of which, all his life, he had been potentially if not actively aware.
  • Try as he would he could not get away from the idea that potentially he shared Dick's guilt.
  • There are thousands of men in common life, of sound and forceful character, who never become great, who are not even potentially great.
  • Spiritual life, we are justified in saying, must have a richness of content; it is, potentially at least, all embracing.
  • A more potentially robust aristocracy than that which was forming in New Netherlands could hardly be imagined.
  • The end must be in the beginning, potentially and ideally, otherwise it could never begin: It is the same with all other things.
  • Stepping lightly on the balls of his feet Mr. Cassidy turned back, and his mien for some reason was potentially that of a belligerent.
  • When the egg begins to divide does each of the first two cells still contain potentially the organization of the whole adult, or only one half of it?
  • As a result, we are suffering through a potentially irreversible environmental crisis, as well as a geopolitical conflict that is already spinning wildly out of control.
  • Monastic spy activity in the north warned the ArchBishop Manguino that an army was being formed that could potentially be used gainst him.
  • Another group of persons also large potentially and a serious menace when proselyted by the apostles of rebellion, were the squatters and trespassers who were occupying land to which they had no lawful right.
  • It is an affirmation of the fact that every man is potentially an artist just as Christianity is an affirmation of the fact that every man is potentially a saint.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Potentially | Potentially Sentence

  • Anyone is potentially an infringer.
  • This is the potentially divine.
  • This song potentially infringes both of them.
  • For matter is potentially everything.
  • She thought you were potentially one of us.
  • They are potentially like-minded in specific instances.
  • The process potentially is exponential rather than linear.
  • Strong, she amended, potentially rather than actually.
  • He felt himself, for one moment, potentially a dog.
  • She would have vowed that it was the sole potentially heroical.
  • They are potentially weak, while our resources are unlimited.
  • In this world he needed eyes; he received them potentially in the other.
  • But the unity is not complete, because man is only potentially perfect.
  • In this sense, distributed production is potentially recursive.
  • Wherever Sally glanced she knew that what she saw was now potentially her own.
  • Three, to keep bemused a potentially dangerous lower class....
  • This was no potentially dominant wizard in a strange body, I told myself.

Definition of Potentially

In a manner showing much potential; with the possibility of happening in a given way. | (obsolete) Powerfully, strongly.
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