Pounding In A Sentence

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  • Another pounding and booming.
  • I still feel a pounding in my head.
  • A pounding sound was heard down in the distant hallway.
  • Molly was busily pounding grass-seeds between two stones.
  • How we're pounding it!
  • Reporters were in a fever of activity, pounding out their stories.
  • This pounding was a part of the process of making it ready for food.
  • Presently there came a little imperative pounding at the side door.
  • He was excited, and his heart was pounding against his ribs.
  • He followed her through the shrubbery, his heart pounding violently.
  • And all the time his heart was pounding like an oil-soused engine.
  • They kept their natives pounding rock all day, while they washed the samples.
  • All day long there was hammering, banging, and pounding below ...
  • You mean that you can't sleep at night for the pounding of your heart.
  • Your Father's words came pounding back like blows into your sore brain!

How To Use Pounding In A Sentence?

  • There were sounds as if some one was pounding on the door at the front of the building.
  • The pounding was hard and they soon wondered if their hearts were moving around in their bodies.
  • Then came shouts and pounding upon the door by neighbors aroused by the uproar.
  • I heard him putting props against the door, and pounding them down so as to make it secure.
  • As soon as the boat was under, the pounding she had received on the shoal showed its full effect.
  • Near the fireplace a small wooden mortar was sunk in the ground, for pounding corn.
  • During a momentary hush they could hear a long boom as if a giant wave was pounding the beach.
  • I waited a little longer, then began pounding on the hatch with the butt of the iron rod.
  • I once saw such a dancer carry the long, heavy wooden pestle used in pounding out rice.
  • And this by flesh and blood, pounding the dirt over the plains, mountains, and deserts!
  • It hears autumn, as it were, pounding on its bedroom door, and turns for another wink of sleep.
  • The Telly reporter turned desperately back to Joe Mauser, pounding him on the shoulder.
  • Suspicion was pounding at him like a body blow that is repeated accurately and relentlessly in the same vulnerable spot.
  • We passed a place where some men were making a peculiar noise as they were pounding wheat and singing at their work.
  • You would have thought he wanted to bring the walls down by the furious and violent pounding of his hind-feet.
  • He had taken a hammer with him, and with breathless interest they watched him pounding and prying about the rock.
  • My slumber was soon disturbed by a violent pounding at the front door of the cottage, which was just beneath my window.
  • If an animal stumbled it went down to its death, for hundreds of pounding hoofs would trample it to pulp.
  • Cut the meat in small pieces, pound it well with the butter, sprinkle in the spices gradually and keep pounding until reduced to a paste.
  • Exhausted, and with his heart pounding under his silk shirt-bosom, Wallie stopped at last because he had to.
  • The unusual sound that Bob heard was the pounding of ice driven by the mighty force of wind and tide against the island rocks.
  • Every plowing step drove her heart pounding like an engine, and every lagging footfall started her scared thoughts throbbing louder than her heart.
  • When the water washed back a few minutes, Jan saw jagged rocks poking up and felt the boat pounding on them.
  • Her heart was pounding violently against his leg; he could feel its throbs, he could hear the quick, eager panting of her breath.
  • Janet gripped Marcia by the hand, and with pounding hearts they stood together, while the gate slowly opened.

Definition of Pounding

Causing heavy or loud throbs | present participle of pound | An act in which something or someone is pounded
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