Pour Out In A Sentence

Definition of Pour Out

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see pour,‎ out. | To serve a drink into a cup or glass. | (transitive) To distribute or spread (something), as if it were a liquid.

How To Use Pour Out In A Sentence?

  • But the relief of being able to pour out his feelings mastered all other considerations.
  • He wanted to pour out the tide of brutal invective which so naturally rose to his lips.
  • Whenever you get into your blue fits you always pour out blood and thunder verses.
  • Besides all this, my soul must needs pour out its grief on some sympathetic ear.
  • Placing her in the seat he followed, and as the machine started began to pour out his repentance.
  • Boil without stirring until it hardens on a spoon; pour out on buttered plates to cool.
  • Little by little gathering courage, she began to pour out her soul for the man she loved.
  • But I had to go to the table and pour out tea and give it to her with all the rest.
  • I longed to go to her and pour out my sympathy, but some instinct held me back, held me wordless.
  • A score of throats pour out one brief, hilarious, tuneful jubilee and are suddenly silent.
  • He removed the potato, picked up a tin cup, and proceeded calmly to pour out a generous portion.
  • For of these it is written, He shall pour out his blood, and cover it with dust.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pour Out | Pour Out Sentence

  • But she had no tears to pour out over him now.
  • He wanted to pour out his gratitude.
  • Again he orders the water to pour out of the shell.
  • I in a great bowl will pour out wine to him.
  • She would pour out her troubles to no one.
  • The hostess or her daughter should pour out the tea.
  • Come, let me pour out some water for you.
  • Will ye pour out the tea, mother?
  • Sandy, dear, will you pour out tea?
  • How London doth pour out her citizens!
  • Well, shall I pour out the tea?
  • I will pour out a libation, the father I will appease.
  • God, that I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh.
  • Will you pour out a little glass of brandy and give it to me?
  • The crowd's beginning to pour out now.
  • Westervelt is ready to pour out his money to stage the thing gorgeously.
  • I shall come to your ship and pour out tea for you in my most fetching frock.
  • Merryon turned aside, and began to pour out a drink for himself.
  • After a short interval he orders water to pour out of the hole in the shell.
  • He would pour out every drop of blood in his veins to serve him.
  • He began rapidly to pour out his own anxieties, his own sense of failure.
  • Then came the crash; the fire seemed to pour out of the clouds.
  • The earl signed to a page to pour out a cup of wine, and handed it to him.
  • I began to pour out the coffee wildly, hardly venturing to look round.
  • Their leading articles pour out hatred and malice against Germany.
  • Before you fasten it pour out half a mugful of water for Jack.
  • He used to come and sit with Mummy every day and pour out his woes.
  • This morning, Thankful came to my bedside to pour out her heart to me.

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