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  • Stella pouted at this.
  • Sarella pouted again.
  • Letty pouted and flushed.
  • She pouted very prettily.
  • Pauline pouted at the other end of the step.
  • The girl pouted adorably.
  • He pouted like a baby.
  • The young woman pouted at first.
  • She pouted her lips at him, and he laughed.
  • His gross lips pouted under their severe compression.
  • But Hazel still pouted a little.
  • Baby William pouted a little at first.
  • Marie Antoinette flushed angrily and pouted once more.
  • I said, and I pouted at him.
  • Bella pouted and Agnetta looked on the edge of tears.
  • And when she pouted he made her a present of a pair of silk stockings.
  • Lucia pouted the very least in the world, and her mother smiled.
  • Vixen shot an indignant look at him, and pouted her rosy underlip.
  • Joanne looked behind her, then quickly held up her softly pouted lips.
  • And Viola pouted and looked like a child of six instead of a girl of sixteen.
  • She pouted contemptuously, which meant, I think, that she was well pleased.
  • You have to sail three thousand miles to get to it," pouted Sarah.
  • You wont do anything I ask you," pouted Annie, turning away.

How To Use Pouted In A Sentence?

  • She pouted her lip a trifle, her whole expression manifesting her contempt of him.
  • She pouted like a child, her thoughts still upon other things than crowns of human make.
  • The Girl pouted a little, being very tenderhearted, and loth to be reminded of unpleasant things.
  • She pouted her lip, and hung over the side in an attitude that it seemed he had seen a hundred times before.
  • She lifted her face to the young man's, and her lips pouted almost imperceptibly.
  • Manguino was angry, and like a child, he turned his face back to the window and pouted as he stared out.
  • He pouted his lips and tapped with his fingers about the spot where he had concealed the bone from the battlefield of Teutoburg.
  • May pouted and protested, but she followed her sister to the kitchen where they had left their cloaks, and they went away together.
  • He went, his lips pouted out petulantly and a shifty look in his eye, and once more the fair postmistress turned upon her victim.
  • Madame Ewans pouted and declared she could not receive him, whereupon the maid spoke a few words in a very peremptory whisper.
  • Mrs. Mellows pouted fat pink lips, and looked more than ever an elderly infant about to burst into tears.
  • She pouted a little, and then, like a wise woman, made up her mind to be disappointed, and resumed her more than wonted cheerfulness; but, alas!
  • Gatty now pouted in mortification that her intended laugh at the captain should be construed into ignorance on her part of what he meant, and the colloquy was broken up by the captain being sent for.
  • EugĂ©nie pouted when I was late, and scolded me when I suggested going away; her mother heard it all and simply smiled.
  • If she was happy she showed her white teeth, if wretched she either pouted or cried; if she liked you there were kisses, if she distrusted you she grew red.
  • Young Johnson was now a man of thirty, blond, aquiline-faced, with cold blue eyes and thin, tight lips, which pouted more readily than they smiled.

Definition of Pouted

simple past tense and past participle of pout
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