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  • An odd powerlessness possessed her.

How To Use Powerlessness In A Sentence?

  • It is wholesome and tonic to realise the powerlessness of man in the face of these little accidents.
  • It was a mistake, because it illustrated his lack of initiative and his powerlessness to strike out a fresh path.
  • After being convinced of his powerlessness to give life to his watches, he resolved to try if he could not make some new ones.
  • An odd sense of powerlessness had taken possession of her, and she knew it had become visible to him, for she saw his face alter.
  • Red Crow deprecated these occurrences, but confessed his powerlessness to prevent the flow of either firewater or of blood.
  • So well did Flea realize the powerlessness of the rigid boy at her side to help her, that she dropped his hand and alone went nearer to the thief.
  • And here we find the chief cause of its powerlessness to improve and purify the mythology which it attacked, and much more to affect the lives and conduct of those who professed its tenets.
  • Crowning all is the philosopher, who, suffering through sympathy with the others, realizes his powerlessness to relieve them and gradually sinks into the stoniness of despair.
  • The powerlessness of the British Government to ensure respect for the Convention of 1881, explains its consent to the modification of 1884.
  • For two years he had read but one book; he shrank from study with a sense of infantine powerlessness that gave him great anguish when he remembered what his mind had formerly been.
  • Then, groaning in their powerlessness to aid their beloved officer, they listened, as a light danced over the stones from a lantern in the hand of a running sepoy.

Definition of Powerlessness

the state or character of being powerless; absence or lack of power
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