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  • But there had been no praise for his discovery.
  • And the sorcerers were full of praise for his piety.
  • She stammered a word of praise for the palace.
  • He was received with nothing but kind praise for doing his duty.
  • Uncle told me much more but that is enough of praise for you, at once.
  • Cornwood gave the Englishman abundant praise for what he had done.
  • The historian Prescott gave it high praise for accuracy and fairness.
  • Young Pete stared up at him, expecting praise for his marksmanship and energy.
  • Accept my praise for what I have seen and tasted of its Divine blessedness.
  • To be classed with these two men is high praise for Natty Bumpo.
  • Bless His holy name, He shall have all the praise, for ever and ever.

How To Use Praise For In A Sentence?

  • It is still more astonishing that it is the painters that get all the praise for accuracy.
  • For the negro race does not deserve undivided praise for its conduct during the war.
  • Praise for the sake of praise is as great an evil as blame for the sake of blame.
  • The newspapers are full of praise for the bravery of the militia in their defense of property.
  • Though this is slight praise for one of the very greatest musicians the world has produced.
  • We would add a few words of praise for the excellent style in which this book is gotten up.
  • He had no right to expect any praise for what he had done, when she had done so much more.
  • For this he was not even blamed, but rather received praise for the excellent example.
  • All that the world can give of fame or praise For one sweet look of thine.
  • He gave Alice a word or two of heartier praise for her work than she knew she deserved.
  • He wanted unstinted praise for a new work from his old master, the implacable Zaremba.
  • English literature rings with praise for the toasted cheese of Wales and England.
  • It's not worth while preparing one's work if Hope gets all the praise for nothing.
  • On the other hand, to be more Homeric than Homer is no praise for a tragic poet.
  • Welcome we sing to thee; ever we bring to thee Blessings, and pay to thee praise for eternity.
  • The Board of Indian Commissioners are deserving of all praise for their great services.
  • The early whites in the Northwest had nothing but praise for the Pierced Nose Indians.
  • Ronicky stepped from the machine, paid him and dismissed him with a word of praise for his fine trailing.
  • The pilots deserve all praise for their admirable navigation, and the machines must not be forgotten.
  • The square and powerfully outlined drawing of these figures is beyond all praise for its effect of massive solidity.
  • It is a curious fact that people are often more avid of praise for the thing they cannot do, than for the thing they can.
  • Bud passed his arm gently about her shoulders, and patted her with soft encouragement and praise for her bravery.
  • Nor should the militia of the island be without their due share of praise, for their exemplary bravery and steadiness.
  • But it is very low praise for a synthetic product that it can pass itself off, more or less acceptably, as a natural product.
  • I have made several acquaintances, have been cordially received, and have had considerably more praise for my picture than it deserves.
  • With his, at one time's ease to mourn, all he had now was the respectful love and praise for her.
  • Mr. Lyon deserves a word of praise for his acting in that passage of the piece as it now stands.
  • Whatsoever is thus produced in us, we say, cannot be our virtue, nor can we deserve any praise for its existence.
  • To give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

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