Praise In A Sentence

How To Use Praise In A Sentence?

  • They are unused to praise and you catch them before the public has spoilt them.
  • Afterall, their praise was being made to him alone, and he felt obliged to listen to them.
  • He is, however, by no means partial, and gives us praise when he thinks we deserve it.
  • Gifts of homage and loyal praise were sent from all parts of the continent to the Blue Mansion.
  • Dear Leonie, find fault with me when I sow discord, but praise me when I make peace.
  • He has been elevated into a superhuman being by the posthumous praise of hundreds of blatant mob orators.
  • I cannot praise too warmly the delightfully fantastic and inconsequent humour of the first half of the play.
  • With his, at one time's ease to mourn, all he had now was the respectful love and praise for her.
  • It was now, upon their arrival at the playhouse building, that the pleasure and praise of the motion picture chums hailed him.
  • In other words, it is not, and it cannot be, an object of praise or of moral approbation in him in whom it is thus caused to exist.
  • Whatsoever is thus produced in us, we say, cannot be our virtue, nor can we deserve any praise for its existence.
  • That which is produced in us by such an agency, be it what it may, is not our virtue, nor is any praise therefor due to us.
  • Hence, in our humble opinion, the praise which has been lavished on the logic of Spinoza is not deserved.
  • The melodic resonance was made by the dozens of novices and vicars as they sang their praise to the great forces of the Almighty.
  • In this case, it is impossible for the human mind to attach praise or blame to them, or view them as constituting either virtue or vice.
  • O-liver sitting later in front of the post-office with his satellites round him found himself compelled to listen to praise of Jane.
  • While I cannot withhold praise from this little spot, it must not be thought that I thereby give to it a high place as an art-work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Praise | Praise Sentence

  • Can we be to praise or to blame for them?
  • The praise in my ears was balm.
  • Not a word about the loving praise which had won her this.
  • A cause of praise and thankfulness?
  • The ancient historians praise them also.
  • And now, praise the day!
  • Then did the village doctor begin to praise his canaster.
  • The leaders came up to praise and glorify her prowess.
  • Verses in Praise of it, 223.
  • To Him alone be the praise and glory!
  • What shall I mention first? whom praise the most!
  • All the world will look to you in praise and will worship you.
  • He wants the disapproval of his friends to season the praise of his enemies!
  • Much at one: Yourself and he you praise so much. PHOR.
  • They are lovely, and of good report: they are praise and virtue.
  • In the first place, he modestly refused my praise of his skill in gardening.
  • Mrs. Wickersham might have endured the praise of the elegance of the mansion.
  • To be classed with these two men is high praise for Natty Bumpo.
  • SIEBEL Ay, sing, sing on, praise her with all thy might!
  • But then, alas, none cares for you, And praise sounds half like pity too.
  • Altiora's highest praise was "thoroughly efficient.
  • May praise the Lamb--the other side?
  • Selim at once began: "Let him who finds this box praise Allah.

Definition of Praise

To give praise to; to commend, glorify, or worship. | commendation; favourable representation in words | worship
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