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  • And pray what says she?
  • I pray you to believe.
  • Let us pray that this does not happen again.
  • So pray let us be merry.
  • But pray how came this sudden qualm upon you?
  • If not inconvenient, pray write me a few lines here.
  • His life they pray for, but expect my death.
  • I shall never cease to pray for you, come what will.
  • I am growing a great cat; pray how do you come on?
  • Ah, let me just hear it, pray do.
  • For pray what could I do?
  • A faculty I pray you name.
  • See now, I pray you, if he has.
  • I pray your Majesty to give full heed to what she says.
  • Feel, feel, I pray you!
  • No, Emily; pray do not go away.
  • Suffer me, I pray you, to send and fetch it thence.
  • Will you pray the Lord to help you, Mayster Frank?
  • Pray, pray don't quarrel!
  • No sooner did he pray than the paper crane popped out of his pocket.
  • Now pray practise economy, for you certainly receive too much money.
  • At one moment she felt herself inclined to pray that he might never come back.
  • He would watch, he would strive, he would pray to be strictly moderate.
  • You should pray against it," I said bluntly.
  • A man? and pray what loving pair Have in your smoke-hole their abode?
  • Only pray for him always--pray for us day and night.
  • MARTHA 'Tis I. Pray what have you to say to me?

How To Use Pray In A Sentence?

  • And while on this subject, I pray you to give, or seek for the poor, justice in facile divorce.
  • I have a great curiosity to see her; wherefore, I pray you, send her to me without delay.
  • I hope ere this the receipt of mine will have induced her to do me justice; if not, pray be my intercessor.
  • He dared not pray that he might be able to abstain, for he felt that he should not really wish for the accomplishment of such a prayer.
  • If the law prescribes any modifications in this matter, pray endeavor to regulate these as much as possible to his advantage.
  • If you have any information to give me, pray write it down; but seal the note, for which purpose you will find wax and a seal on my table.
  • The negro leaped out of the hole, the doctor dropped his book and basket and began to pray in German.
  • It is a subject of the deepest interest; it requires grave consideration; I pray that it may have that consideration.
  • Let us pray to Allah that your skin is as thick as your vanity is great; for my slaves have stout arms and heavy whips.
  • He and his companions were then to fall down on their knees, and pray for him to be placed in the condition which he was in before the proceedings commenced against him.
  • Of course it is well known that the Chinese pray more than the Dutch, but then nobody understands what they are saying.
  • One evening Susy had prayed, Clara was curled up for sleep; she was reminded that it was her turn to pray now.
  • But he was absolutely helpless in the grasp of an unforeseen calamity, and all he could do was to pray desperately for the speedy arrival of the new cylinder.

Definition of Pray

To petition or solicit help from a supernatural or higher being. | To humbly beg a person for aid or their time. | (religion) To communicate with God for any reason.
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