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  • What a frail and precarious structure it seemed: the planks bent beneath our feet.
  • The roof was found to be in a very decayed and precarious state; many timbers were totally rotten.
  • The shako tumbled from its precarious perch, and hung ignobly suspended by the cap-lines.
  • In either case new wrapping is required at a precarious time, according to old methods.
  • If he had not been instantly obeyed it is probable that the cable would have been dragged from its precarious fastening below.
  • A man in his precarious condition was not likely to embark on such an adventure as an intentional disappearance implies.
  • He has not arrived at a precarious and unstable social condition out of a primitive individualism which is the essence of his warlike nature.
  • For an hour they took their precarious way along the track, which was now on the edge of a high embankment.
  • He had been so occupied with his fears for Alden that he had not dwelt upon his own precarious position.
  • The existence of this establishment, abandoned by the mother country to its own strength, was to become more and more precarious and feeble.
  • He had been lately, he said, to a physician, and had been warned that he was in a somewhat precarious condition.
  • Gilbert now learned for the first time of the precarious state of Thornton's health.
  • It is a precarious kind of property, too; a succession of total eclipses would probably ruin this tavern.
  • However precarious our situation, it would have been vain, with our exhausted strength, to have contended against the elements.
  • Already, they say, hundreds of respectable persons had been reduced almost to beggary by the precarious condition of the planting interest.
  • She wrote often, and in nearly every letter spoke of the probability of her speedy return, and in the same breath of her precarious health.
  • As an ornamental tree, it is safely planted in Philadelphia, but its life is precarious farther north.
  • My father was very unwilling that I should follow his business, knowing that it was a very precarious one; but what could he do with me?
  • Because it is unruly, and precarious in its action, however, the imagination requires the most careful guidance, and the assistance of the reason.
  • Fisher Ames, the eminent statesman and orator, eked out a precarious living for years as a country pedagogue.
  • Through his precarious peekhole Payne caught glimpses of the water and land that the Cormorant was leaving behind her.
  • In the intervals of precarious repose which characterized the Persian domination, the Egyptians had leisure neither to invent nor to improve.
  • Above that precarious platform, the cliff was splintered and torn as though the agencies which had devastated the wall above had wreaked their vengeance here too.
  • The first incentive to organization among all the groups seems to have been the precarious economic situation during the years of effort to get a foothold here.
  • But in a quiet part of the afternoon we sat snugly in our triangle of fir roots and discoursed of trifles that had no reasonable relation to our precarious state.
  • In the former case, he could not fail to perceive the precarious nature of the basis on which he was receiving principles of such weighty importance.
  • Joseph made a living in sundry precarious ways, but at length sank into such straits that he risked the step of going to Clerkenwell Close.
  • Failing such a declaration, he would be in a precarious diplomatic position, and must by mere force of automatic discipline have been heavily punished.
  • But in stating the connection between them, we must exercise the utmost caution, lest we should unwarily place the truth on a precarious or questionable basis.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Precarious | Precarious Sentence

  • Sama is in a very precarious state.
  • They have a hidden and precarious genius.
  • They live in many respects a hard and precarious life.
  • The robber is not dead, but lies in a precarious state.
  • We're in a precarious position.
  • Awkwardly the flight-lieutenant descended from his precarious perch.
  • In spite of this his position was a precarious and trying one.
  • The life of the balloon observer in war times is a precarious one.
  • The Irish knew too how precarious was all that they had gained.
  • Poor Mackison is still alive, but in a very precarious state, I fear.
  • She said nothing of her own precarious position at Pollard's house.

Definition of Precarious

(dentistry) Relating to incipient caries.
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