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  • The living have precedence of the dead.
  • Women allow precedence in love affairs.
  • They therefore took precedence of us.
  • Little matters of law and precedence did not trouble him.
  • We must give precedence to wealth and age.
  • Rules of Precedence to be enforced in the Family.
  • The order of precedence on the trail was rigidly preserved by the pack-horses.
  • The General knows, of course, that a Baronet takes precedence at a ceremony.

How To Use Precedence In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes it seems as though this should take precedence of all other colleges.
  • Barrett left it to his clients to manage the order of precedence in the outer office.
  • This same precedence may be given to the name of an honored guest in a dinner or other invitation.
  • Chronologically, therefore, he ought to have the precedence in this investigation.
  • I had however previously promised it to myself and to myself therefore, precedence is due.
  • When dinner was announced they all went in, each taking precedence according to his station.
  • Civilized man, on the other hand, gives precedence to woman in every particular.
  • The young woman courteously gave precedence to the elder, and allowed her to make the accusation.
  • The thought of Dorothy being in danger had taken precedence over all other thoughts in his head.
  • I claim precedence of divination, auto-suggestion, and right of eminent domain.
  • He drew up an elaborate paper establishing the precedence of the English ambassador.
  • They were bound for London; they must have precedence of all traffic not similarly destined.
  • M. de Coislin was at that time almost last in order of precedence among the Dukes.
  • Responsibility of, as to intemperance, 106. Precedence given to, in America, 141.
  • Another objection to amateur performers is the semi-professional jealousy existing between them as to precedence on the program.
  • We notice with astonishment the extreme solemnity and strict observance of custom and precedence in this archaic period.
  • It is singular how soon a bankboy learns to give work or the discussion of work precedence of everything else.
  • And if it be possible, what question can take precedence of one concerning the means of averting such a mischief?
  • Here was a novel order of precedence for snubbed authority; such a thing it had never entered their minds to conceive.
  • This was to signify that he was now the second person in the kingdom, and that his uncles must always henceforth yield precedence to him.
  • Nevertheless, the consent of mankind has always, in spite of the philosophers, given precedence to the soldier.
  • Three delegates rose simultaneously, three voices struggled for precedence in the right to attack the tyrant and dare the worst.
  • The rules of precedence were most elaborate, and the serving seems on special occasions to have risen almost to the rank of a solemn ritual.
  • In the dining-room no precedence is observed after the host, save that the younger couples draw back and allow their elders to be seated.
  • All the nations evolve on the same lines, and wars, perpetual wars, break out for the right of precedence in the market.
  • That was his promise, given, she knew, grudgingly, and only because he felt for the moment that her duty took precedence over his own.
  • The remarkable group of the Trilobites had precedence in order of time of the Nautiloid shell-fishes.
  • It always followed the "Limited," with all the latter's privileges of precedence and right of way.
  • With me, practice has always taken the precedence of reasoning; and this is the way I first perceived the incorrectness of this principle.
  • There was no precedence of rank observed, for the Emperor would speak to whomsoever he willed first, though none were overlooked.
  • Following these are the Lucchese nobles, walking two-and-two, in a precedence not prescribed by length of pedigree, but of age.
  • Alexandria soon took precedence of existing settlements of Jews, and became a great centre of Jewish life.

Definition of Precedence

The state of preceding in importance or priority. | Precedent.
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