Preceptor in a sentence

Definition of Preceptor

The headmaster or principal of a school, especially a private school. | A teacher or tutor, especially (US medicine) a supervisor of new trainees. | The head of a preceptory of Knights Templar.

How to use Preceptor in a Sentence?

  • The pupil of this singular preceptor seemed at the most to be only twenty years of age.
  • One, who seemed to be the preceptor of the younger, was about forty-five years old.
  • Well, I must let my revered preceptor know that it is time to offer the burnt oblation.
  • The Wildgraf Frederic, preceptor on the Rhine, offered to undergo the ordeal of glowing iron.
  • Religious precept is utterly worthless if the preceptor does not follow his own expounded faith with a living example.
  • Brother Himbert Blanke, knight, Preceptor of Auvergne, had been in the order thirty-eight years.
  • It is for this that men desire for a worthy son, and that preceptor seeks a pupil who would contradict him not.
  • Boys will see and consider these things; and how much must the sacred character of preceptor suffer in their minds by these degrading associations!
  • The office of treasurer of the order was always united with the dignity of preceptor of the kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • My old preceptor writes me, from what I've told him, that there is about that chance.
  • In fable, the Archer is Chiron, the preceptor of Jason, Achilles and AEsculapius.
  • And, as a fact, from that memorable day I enjoyed unbounded freedom, and all but worried my preceptor to death.
  • Insist, too, that at school they shall never say "Teacher," but address their preceptor by his proper name.
  • Nollet, preceptor in natural philosophy to the royal family and an able experimenter, who had formed and published a theory of electricity which then had the general vogue.
  • She had made herself his dearest friend without effeminating him, his constant guide without monopolizing him, and his preceptor without ceasing to be his comrade.
  • Andreas had as his preceptor a monk named Fra Roberto, who was the open enemy of Philippa, and her competitor in power.
  • He states that he had been guardian of the Temple church for ten years, and for the last two years had enjoyed the dignity of preceptor at the same place.

Short Example Sentence for Preceptor

  • Lusson, preceptor to Grotius, 6.
  • The preceptor Drona is old, and the teacher (of Arjuna).
  • Exeter, 1803, Preceptor to Princess Charlotte.
  • More was at this period Master of the Temple, or Preceptor of England.
  • The Grand Prior or Preceptor of Portugal resided at the castle of Tomar.
  • He was preceptor to Prince George, afterwards King George III.