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How To Use Precepts In A Sentence?

  • But these injunctions are either limited by other precepts or they are unlimited.
  • This has to do with the use of the empirical precepts in practical instruction.
  • Moral precepts have not the influence which they ought to have upon our industrial relations.
  • The precepts of the gospel cannot be dependent upon the convulsions of the nations.
  • Avoid the precepts of those thinkers whose reasoning is not confirmed by experience.
  • The religious precepts which he had been taught in childhood remained strong in him through life.
  • All instruction based on the empirical precepts is thus seen to be extremely unsatisfactory.
  • The general precepts laid down by canon law in the case of a wife have already been noted.
  • The traditional precepts are of no value, because nobody knows how to follow or apply them.
  • These precepts are generally attended to, either entirely or in a great degree.
  • The precepts certainly teach us what is good, but what they teach is not forthwith done.
  • Through long continued listening to voices, the precepts come to have a very real meaning.
  • It is a better law, for us, because its precepts are not limited to our neighbor.
  • Understanding that violations of well-known precepts have unpleasant consequences (21).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Precepts | Precepts Sentence

  • But in your precepts you survive.
  • He wondered at the precepts he heard.
  • Such are some of the divine precepts on this subject.
  • The precepts of my duty cannot be mistaken.
  • As precepts of the law ordain.
  • You forget all the precepts of home.
  • These are his precepts on earth and in heaven.
  • Of the inner and secret precepts you are ignorant.
  • And too much at times do her precepts obey.
  • How hard the precepts of my virtue grow!
  • The truths, in precepts of morality.
  • And yet his known precepts presume to evade?
  • All his Precepts are sure.
  • The Gospel precepts seemed to admit of no transaction.
  • Do I follow the precepts of the sermon on the Mount?
  • He refers to the precepts of Jesus (quoted as in Acts XX.
  • Abide in the precepts as in laws which it were impious to transgress.
  • Just when the precepts were first formulated it is impossible to say.
  • To the layman these precepts are so vague as to be almost unintelligible.
  • It became inevitable that the precepts should be embodied in the story.
  • We apprehend, by the spirit and other precepts of the gospel.
  • The horse in his old age does not forget the precepts of his youth.
  • The precepts have a real and definite meaning for the vocal teacher.
  • The precepts must be directed to principles existing in the heart of man.
  • Mungan-ngaur's precepts are: 1.
  • From simple practical precepts the wise men rose to speculation.

Definition of Precepts

plural of precept
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