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  • It will only precipitate matters.
  • I certainly shall not precipitate any.
  • These considerations served to precipitate French action.
  • He was too astute to precipitate troubles elsewhere while that was pending.
  • This precipitate should not be permitted to settle on the face of the print.
  • After this speech the patriotic lady beat a precipitate retreat.
  • The toning solution tends to throw a red precipitate as it works.
  • He knew that any unfortunate slip on his part would precipitate a tragedy.
  • But not to be precipitate in commending the apostle's preaching.
  • Diabolos!" and throwing away their muskets, broke into precipitate flight.
  • This caused the precipitate return and disembarkation of Walker's division.

How To Use Precipitate In A Sentence?

  • How do you account for the fact that a precipitate of silver chloride is not formed?
  • The precipitate varies considerably in its appearance in different instances.
  • And still the sounds continued, breathlessly renewed with a precipitate rhythm.
  • His precipitate retreat humiliated his self-love, and aroused new resentments in his heart.
  • Pour off the liquid, and wash the precipitate formed with water, and then dry it at a gentle heat.
  • A slip, a wilder clutch at his frail support, might in an instant precipitate the calamity.
  • But one object of the seizure," says Laing, "was the vindication of her precipitate marriage.
  • When a solution of silver nitrate is added to a solution of potassium chlorate no precipitate forms.
  • The first attempt on their part to help him would only precipitate the very tragedy that they sought to avoid.
  • What has this discussion to do with a recorded warning to the people of their rashly forming a precipitate judgment against their representatives?
  • The first thing which seemed to precipitate his mentality into anything like clearness was the entrance of the conductor.
  • This precipitate retreat of these last, we supposed was owing to the theft the others had committed.
  • He would be more likely to kill the girl than the serpent, and in any event would precipitate the calamity.
  • Never at any other time, so far as we know, did he precipitate riot or himself assault his enemies.
  • The nucleus once formed the matter adjacent would precipitate itself by gravitation upon the surface of the incipient world.
  • Cold alone is not sufficient; neither is moisture, unless we can precipitate it in the form of snow.
  • I need not have been so precipitate in dispatching my repast, for some dreary hours intervened ere the arrival of another visiter.
  • The presence of the carbon dioxide is shown by the precipitate in the calcium hydroxide solution in D.
  • This precipitate is used, as are also the finely ground native sulphate and carbonate, as a pigment in paints.
  • Lilian had disappeared, but not before the manner in which she had ignored Dane had roused him to precipitate action.
  • The faint silver sound of the electric bell, a precipitate double peal, seemed to uphold this statement.
  • It requires the sharp and clear event, the chance event, most often, to precipitate them into wars.
  • General Milroy had kindly left an ample stock at that town when he made his precipitate exit some weeks ago.
  • If Noel were cognizant of impending misfortune she felt absolutely sure he would never consent to precipitate it.
  • Visiting girls always exhibited it in some degree, but never in quite such a precipitate manner as Mary.
  • Here they found the professor, who, startled by the sudden cold, had been fain to make a precipitate retreat from his observatory.
  • If Terry had possessed the slightest degree of leadership he would have seen that this was the worst of all moments to precipitate a crisis.
  • It was in consequence of too precipitate a report in regard to this matter that I was, at that time, appointed to be his ghost.
  • With perfect quiet and tranquillity he might live a year, possibly two years; any shock or overstrain would precipitate the end.

Definition of Precipitate

headlong; falling steeply or vertically. | Very steep; precipitous. | With a hasty impulse; hurried; headstrong.
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