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  • The precise reason of this is hard to fathom.
  • Everything was arranged in a stiff and precise condition.
  • Its precise functions are somewhat uncertain.
  • Jolly sat prim and precise at the piano.
  • I have no desire to trace the precise significance of these things.
  • Why was it that at that precise moment the prince began to feel uncomfortable?
  • He was dressed very neatly, and spoke in a very precise tone.
  • If he is, he is wanted, and has the precise properties that are required.
  • I found infinite difficulty, however, in arriving at any precise information.

How To Use Precise In A Sentence?

  • The precise scope and limitations of this rule cannot be too clearly apprehended.
  • It is difficult to give precise rules in regard to the formation of friendship.
  • I am safe to say that at this precise moment there was nobody completely sane in the house.
  • If we enter into an engagement with others for a certain time, we should be precise in keeping it.
  • The goal waxed and waned as he gazed down the great avenue with its precise rows of lamps.
  • Yet we do trust, that we have attained to a clear and precise statement of old truths.
  • I may well remember the precise date, for it was a night not to be forgotten by our house.
  • But now observe the precise manner in which the error of Augustine takes its rise in his mind.
  • They take the precise course pursued by Melanchthon, and often with the same success.
  • In a far more exact and precise use of the word a Short-story has unity as a Novel cannot have it.
  • He formed no precise intention of doing that; he only allowed his mind to linger on the luxury of trying it.
  • Though there was no denying this fact, he could nevertheless use the reproach in its precise signification.
  • Then he had gone in for engineering; but precise and intricate mathematics required patience of a quality not at his command.
  • What was the precise intention of these men at this time it is difficult to say, but it was not difficult to see that peace was not their object.
  • This was somewhere between 1795 and 1800, further our memory does not serve for the precise date at present, nor is it indispensable.
  • Before we are prepared to answer this question we must be furnished with a precise conception of what is meant by "steadiness" in prices.
  • This haunting fear, however, has led to curiously precise experiments for ascertaining the state of the spire.
  • She went on with her stitching, turning the canvas first on one side and then on the other, sticking the needle in with very precise care.
  • Here the precise point in dispute is clearly presented; and let us hear the contending parties, before we proceed to decide between them.
  • Beethoven: here is no pose, no mere tone-weaving, but the precise and most poignant expression of the logical course taken by the human passions.
  • The unfortunate speculator says, "I have labored many years to find the precise ratio.
  • Add to this hereditary rectitude, the punctuality and precise dealing which commerce creates, and you have the English truth and credit.
  • But unluckily for the little Count, it was known that people were on the spot at the precise time he mentioned, and had heard nothing.
  • At the precise time of Aszer, the preacher took his stand upon the platform on the mountain, and began to address the multitude.
  • A casual remark of Mr. Petulengro's on this occasion affords a valuable clue to the precise date.
  • In the meantime Wolfert went on digging, but the field was extensive, and as his dream had indicated no precise spot, he had to dig at random.
  • As I have not the book by me, and am only quoting from an extract, I am unable to give a more precise reference.
  • In consequence, however, of Camden having named a wrong parish, later antiquaries have been puzzled to ascertain their precise whereabouts.
  • Here the number of those who complained of being plagued and injured by demoniac agencies became larger in precise proportion as trials increased and condemnations succeeded.
  • Every possible exertion, therefore, should be made to ascertain the precise period of the death of Harry Dreddlington.
  • At any rate, we shall be safer in accepting the general description of them which he has given, and in not attempting to draw a precise line between them.

Definition of Precise

exact, accurate | (sciences, of experimental results) consistent, clustered close together, agreeing with each other (this does not mean that they cluster near the true, correct, or accurate value) | adhering too much to rules; prim or punctilious
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