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How To Use Precludes In A Sentence?

  • The equal division of property precludes any extensive accumulation of wealth in families.
  • Their absurd love of home precludes the possibility of their emigrating to a warmer latitude.
  • The late date of the monument precludes any idea of a direct artistic tradition.
  • The first of these is invaluable in the early stages, as it absolutely precludes guessing.
  • This confines it to land of low sale value and precludes much expense to insure the second crop.
  • Atheism, and precludes moral responsibility, and the essential difference of right and wrong.
  • His very mania for tragedy, his Dionysic embracing of it, precludes any premature despair.
  • But now she saw him beneath the skin with the deadly clearness of vision that precludes all forgiveness.
  • His existence being eternal and infinite, precludes the possibility of the conception of vacuum to be filled by the universe if created.
  • This precludes the possibility of Secularism being charged either with conscious grossness or intentional sin.
  • Their characteristic is decent debility; which alike guards their authors from ludicrous errors, and precludes them from striking beauties.
  • But this seems to apply more to hunting than anything else; it certainly precludes coaching, cock-fighting, racing, and steeplechasing.
  • In the vast majority of instances, the priest reads the Latin rapidly, and in a tone of voice that effectually precludes anyone hearing him.
  • Even when there is an exceptionally heavy fall of rain the porous nature of the subsoil precludes the possibility of an accumulation of surface water to any great extent.
  • This arrangement gives it very much the appearance of a journal versified, and effectually precludes any imputation of luxuriance of fancy in the plot.
  • Many high-speed engines labor under the well-grounded suspicion of being heavy steam users, and their want of economy often precludes their employment.
  • It has been said that M. Bergson's system precludes ethics: I cannot think that observation just.
  • I can honestly say I have had my hand told with absolute accuracy, and in such a manner as utterly precludes the possibility of coincidence or chance.
  • It is groundless indeed; but then in the very idea it precludes all ground, and, separated from the immediate consciousness, loses its whole sense and import.
  • It is worthy of perusal in full, but, as its great length precludes its insertion on the present occasion, the passages have been selected which bear most closely on the question.
  • The fact that the sharply concave portions of the neck are marked with as much regularity as the convex body of the vessel, precludes the idea of the use of a solid or non-elastic stamp.
  • The cut shows where the bridle is fastened in the hammer butt by being put into the hole in the butt, and the back catch stem covered with glue and driven in by it which precludes all possibility of its coming loose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Precludes | Precludes Sentence

  • This precludes any real canvass.
  • There is a wear and tear about it which precludes the possibility of pleasure.
  • Not so: for the subject at once precludes the possibility of deception.
  • It precludes the President from any further exercise of office.
  • With rivalrous property, one person's use precludes another's.

Definition of Precludes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of preclude
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