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  • He was precocious in dissipation.
  • He was a most precocious child.
  • He is a precocious child.
  • This young man of eighteen was precocious and extravagant.
  • Case of precocious superannuation, 274.
  • The Precocious Infant.
  • What mode of treatment should be adopted in educating precocious children?
  • All are prolific, precocious and of superior cracking quality.
  • He was not a precocious child, nor pushed forward by early instruction.
  • Although Henry came to the throne a mere boy, he was a precocious boy.

How To Use Precocious In A Sentence?

  • This conversation proved the origin of the precocious child who lay in the cradle.
  • He early distinguished himself in his studies, for he was precocious and had great abilities.
  • She was precocious as well as studious, and astonished her teachers by her attainments.
  • For, strange to say, the youth prefers to be addressed as a person of precocious maturity.
  • He is a pale precocious child of ten, with hazel eyes and hair made artificially auburn.
  • And as regards the dear young people, they Pert and precocious are beyond all measure.
  • This precocious boy entered Harvard College at eleven and graduated at fifteen.
  • Britten and I belonged to one of the precocious types, and Cossington very probably to another.
  • Indra soon after, as precocious as Heitsi Eibib, immediately on his birth kills his father.
  • Too precocious the life which I bore, Which I drew sweetly in with each breath!
  • Hence she was quick to turn her attention to problems of statecraft and displayed a precocious capacity for administration.
  • Idiocy often the Result, or the Precocious Child sinks below the Average of Mankind.
  • Thus the man of genius who is able to bear up under the precocious exercise of his faculties is an exception to an exception.
  • His works had nothing of the definite neatness of that precocious talent which stops short in early maturity.
  • At not more than seven or eight days of age, those precocious infants had started out in the world!
  • It is probably nothing more than a grandiloquent way of saying that he was a precocious child, who impressed his elders.
  • The sentiments of the heart have burst forth into precocious blossom long before the reasoning faculties have reached maturity.
  • In the precocious the several stages of life succeed each other more quickly than in others, and probably they themselves do not wear so well.
  • Indeed, he would always declare that his sister was the most natural and most precocious genius with whom he had ever come in contact.
  • He never made foolish remarks, although not in the slightest degree uncomfortably precocious or pragmatical.
  • Amid all this drumming and hawking and flaring of lights were swarms of boys and growing girls, precocious and vicious and foul-tongued.
  • Here they wait, losing time and gaining a precocious familiarity with evil from the profanity and depravity of the talk and chaffing around them.
  • To him, in an equal degree with his grandmother, we must give the credit of bringing forward the precocious boy in his early studies.
  • I do not think I was exceptionally precocious in reaching these conclusions and a sort of religious finality for myself by eighteen or nineteen.
  • She could feel her face growing hot, and Mabel had unusually keen eyes and precocious powers of deduction.
  • The precocious tree has ever been revered by the Bonapartists since, though the tree has never performed the trick the second time.
  • But in the unfolding of his precocious spirit, the literary control comes uppermost; his boat, finding its keel, swings to the helm of mind.
  • As she finished, Mrs. Sullivan smiled and dimpled with all the malicious triumph of a precocious child.
  • Having nothing to do the lads naturally took to loafing about the streets, smoking bad tobacco, drinking, gambling, and precocious love-making.
  • He remembered her with Mag's baby, her almost passionate tenderness, her precocious knowledge of the child's needs.

Definition of Precocious

Characterized by exceptionally early development or maturity. | Exhibiting advanced skills and aptitudes at an abnormally early age.
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