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How To Use Predicaments In A Sentence?

  • The situation seemed to him like one of those grotesque predicaments of a dream.
  • Most of my predicaments have been very common-place predicaments, and the ways in which I have got out of them very ordinary and obvious ways.
  • By this means he saved himself from a great many awkward predicaments that persons who act on a contrary principle often get themselves into while travelling.
  • Then her lover comes along to place her in awkward predicaments and put her to no end of inconvenience, very often only to make her realise that she prefers her husband after all.
  • Coxswains often found themselves in awkward predicaments to avoid such itinerant craft, more so when barges were under sail against a head wind, and were tacking from shore to shore.

Definition of Predicaments

plural of predicament
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