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  • He predicts that in years to come we will again have our native chestnuts.
  • Olivia predicts that Jack Senior will always be a bachelor.
  • And nothing in his appearance predicts that I ever shall.'

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  • Mr. Stanley predicts that the "Cape to Cairo" railway will be an accomplished fact before 1925.
  • Thus Goldwin Smith predicts that women will be governed by priests, and then goes on to predict that women will vote to abolish marriage; not seeing that these two predictions destroy each other.
  • Mr. Bryan on June 16 gave out the first of three statements about the present war, and in it he predicts that a conference will be held at the close of the conflict to revise the rules of international law.
  • Swift predicts that the next batch of christenings will include a 'Yim Hess' Swanson and a 'Clyde Burnaby' Brule.
  • Mr. Stanley predicts that in a hundred years the "Dominion of South Africa" will have a white population of 8,000,000, and a coloured population of 16,000,000.
  • 21, predicts that it will merely sprout before the Day of Judgment, but will bear no fruit.
  • Gen. 18 is a striking instance of this familiarity in the deity: Jehovah with two companions comes to Abraham's tent, eats of the meal the patriarch's hospitality provides, predicts that Sarah shall bear a son before the year is out--a prospect which moves the old woman listening behind the door to incredulous merriment--and as he departs announces that he is going down to Sodom to see whether they are as bad there as has been reported to him.
  • This sentiment reminds us of the prophecy of Isaiah, uttered more than a century before the birth of this prince, and 170 years before the fall of Babylon, which it also predicts: "That saith of Cyrus, he is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure."
  • The Book of Habakkuk predicts that Jehovah is about to raise up the fierce Chaldaean nation, which marches through the breadth of the earth to occupy habitations not belonging to it, which scoffs at kings and has dynasts in derision, laughing at all fortresses, against which it casts up a mound and takes them
  • In a preface remarkable for that startling species of modesty by which a man becomes the trumpeter of his own greatness, he predicts that, if not immediately, at least in eight or ten years hence, his works will make such an impression, as to occasion a revolution in the poetical taste of mankind, and become the model of a new school in the "Divine Art."
  • All I said was that the weather bureau of my bad toe predicts that there's likely to be a storm because of this--and I want you to use your brain, son, I want you to use your brain!"
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