Predominant In A Sentence

Definition of Predominant

Common or widespread; prevalent. | Significant or important; dominant. | (music) A subdominant.

How To Use Predominant In A Sentence?

  • Begging is less frequent and cowering is the predominant attitude towards intruders.
  • In some cases it is the predominant color, and when that is the case green should be worn.
  • The predominant characteristics of the man are his faith, hope, good-cheer and courage.
  • The present population is diverse, but the predominant element is the old Saxon blood.
  • Germany is predominant in abstract thought; France in literature, art, and grace.
  • To do it will call for just that same spirit of sacrifice and service which is its own most predominant characteristic.
  • The predominant interests of the observer will ultimately direct his observing activities to their own advantage.
  • It is evident that the mutuality of this relation depended solely upon the predominant position of the patron in the state.
  • This mortgages the future to the present necessity, and it has so far been the predominant source of war credits.
  • I would lose anything personally, for the sake of having his influence predominant at head-quarters.
  • To this test let every man bring his imaginations, before they have been too long predominant in his mind.
  • On the other hand, numerical considerations become predominant under conditions otherwise substantially equal.
  • The mere expression of the eye conveys precise ideas of the existing and predominant states of the mentality and physiology.
  • In the present period of the globe, water is the predominant element on the earth's surface.
  • Nor was the character of chaste diligence, and vivacious business, any longer predominant in those whom she now casually encountered.
  • Her husband was always there in the background, but in those moments it was Lessingham who was the predominant figure.
  • The most predominant trait in their character is superstition; indeed, there never was a race so universally inclined to this weakness.
  • My book is a statement of my faith in Woman as the predominant and responsible partner in the relations of the sexes.
  • The predominant feeling, however, that overpowered all others was transport at the sudden change in my whole fortunes.
  • During the initial stage butyric acid fermentation takes place, but is prevented from becoming predominant by the action of the keffir yeast.
  • In fact, especially in a detailed tactical estimate, these considerations may have been predominant in envisaging the courses of action.
  • Slate is the predominant rock, but there are also limestone, whin, the old red sandstone, and granite.
  • The modern ideal is appropriate to ages in which conquest of the earth and subjection of the powers of Nature to human use is the predominant need.
  • Still, to be sensible of a vocation is something, nay, is much, for most of us drift without any particular aim or predominant purpose.
  • If that ideal was really predominant among the women of Athens, it is no wonder that they felt outraged by Euripides.
  • Thus it came to pass that the partnership was resumed on its old basis, with Billy as the predominant member and spokesman of the Firm.
  • A predominant inclination towards it appears in all those who have no religion, when otherwise their disposition leads them to be advocates even for despotism.
  • This may be enunciated thus: The recall of an image, or of a group of images, is in some cases the result of a sum of predominant tendencies.
  • For the primitive group therefore we cannot assert any predominant interest of the mother in the children nor yet admit that it would necessarily be important if it were shown to exist.
  • It was in New York that, at that period, the foremost colonial estates and the predominant private fortunes were mostly held.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Predominant | Predominant Sentence

  • Humor was the predominant note of his being.
  • The predominant character of the variant forms.
  • At least, that is the predominant element in them.
  • Voluptuousness and avarice were the predominant vices of his heart.
  • The predominant idea of this image is that of a war medicine.
  • The monarchical idea is certainly predominant in our present surroundings.
  • The majority of observed trees had a reddish brown as the predominant color.
  • The predominant growth is the fir, of which we have seen several species.
  • The predominant sense in man is that of sight; man is pre-eminently visual.
  • The Panamanian is the predominant man in the interior country.

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