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  • Poverty and safety are preferable to luxury and danger.
  • What schools are preferable in the education of youth?
  • It is always preferable to what is cold and formal.
  • Humble usefulness is preferable to idle splendour.
  • Monotony preferable to non-significant intervals, 79.
  • It is far preferable in every sense to that of Zanzibar.
  • For that reason the more distant planets would be preferable to land on.
  • But the ax of retrenchment was infinitely preferable to the sword of Damocles.
  • One is tempted to say that Shooter's Gardens are a preferable abode.

How To Use Preferable In A Sentence?

  • The preferable mode of entertaining the guests is by the performance of a zikr.
  • He began to feel that death was preferable to endless days of this kind of thing.
  • Now what is the chief quality which makes one kind of food preferable to another?
  • Death, according to my way of thinking, would have been far preferable to being thus scorned.
  • Under Louisiana conditions a light-colored wax was preferable to dark colored one.
  • It was deemed preferable to include it with the others rather than among those hitherto unprinted.
  • A tint the composition of which is not apparent is always preferable to one of more obvious formation.
  • How much preferable is that love gradually increasing through the better knowledge of the beloved one!
  • To evade that remark by an opinion that a country life was preferable to existence in a town was easy.
  • This is preferable to any of the hard woods, because of the greater facility of fitting in the electrodes etc.
  • Such a life as theirs seemed to her preferable to her own life, even with the restrictions that diminished means had brought them.
  • Here was an opportunity to escape or be slain, either preferable to living on this terrible island alone.
  • Simple honesty is preferable to false show in all cases; truthfulness in utterance is always to be desired.
  • Death was preferable to captivity; and if taken by storm, we must inevitably be devoted to destruction.
  • It would be preferable and more fitting that the highly honored kings themselves should attend such an assembly, and proclaim their edicts.
  • There is, however, another reason why the baths are preferable in rheumatism to local applications.
  • Godfrey thought, and with reason, that from these fruits there could be made a fermented liquor which would be preferable to the water.
  • With these onion-like roots, should it not be found preferable to treat them as potatoes, there is made a sort of flour very rich and glutinous.
  • The roots, too, make some progress even in winter, so that early planting is preferable in every way.
  • Even a sardonic tyrant in a palace might be preferable in the merciless daylight to a helpless young man in the Libyan desert.
  • It is rough exercise, but I believe it is preferable to this perpetual rising, falling and rolling.
  • They make very comfortable, clean and airy houses, and are far preferable to any tent, being much warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • An early spring calf is preferable to a late one, and most desirable; but my doctrine is, that a good calf never can come wrong.
  • To know the worst, whatever that may be, is far preferable to the long agony of doubt; hoping for the best, yet fearing the worst.
  • I think it would be preferable to leave the fortifications of the Castle of Jaffnapatam as they are, instead of raising any points or curtains.
  • This Manner of making Chocolate has several Advantages above any other, and which render it preferable to them all.
  • This is a hard, wearing, dry climate, which, though preferable to Hindostan, is destructive to the weak and sickly.
  • Hence it arises that almost every condition and circumstance of life is considered preferable to our own, that we so often court ruin and do our very best to be unhappy.
  • It was preferable to have them a mile wide rather than a mile deep, which would certainly have been the case in some places if one track had been used alone.
  • The late war has brought many good vegetable oils upon the market that are ideal for cooking purposes and are preferable to the animal fats for all cooking.

Definition of Preferable

Better than some other option; preferred.
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