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How To Use Preference In A Sentence?

  • She had confessed her preference for him over all others; she must and should prove it.
  • And the preference for a fighting station would be too eager instead of too backward.
  • How did my preference fluctuate between the gorgeous and the simple, the airy and the magnificent!
  • A preference which, with whatever tact shrouded, showed itself in various shapes.
  • The choice between them will be made on the basis of preference for handwork or textbook work for the children.
  • He unmistakably gave his preference to men of learning and refinement, at least he put these above other recommendations.
  • She explained her objection to servants and her preference for having "somebody in" to do the rough work.
  • Although his preference for the representation of the horse is evident in almost all his works, there is great variety in the treatment.
  • A man lived but once; and he was a fool who would hold to tinsel in preference to such happiness as he thought he saw opening out before him.
  • This preference for symmetry is, however, frequently subordinated to higher demands of the fundamental canon.
  • In regard to the preference of one or another word the behavior of those about the child is not merely influential, but is alone decisive.
  • Other things being equal, the sodium compounds are prepared in preference to those of potassium, since they are cheaper.
  • One advantage claimed for ribbed sheet which may entirely justify the preference exhibited by consumers, relates to the question of packing.
  • I would have no foreign language taught in the public schools to the exclusion of or in preference to the English language.
  • Was it possible that already his preference was given to Diana, with her light raillery and ready laugh?
  • Another general principle, is this, that those who are most in need, must be relieved, in preference to those who are less destitute.
  • Mr. Wilson kept very aloof, because he was anxious to avoid the appearance of preference or partiality.
  • So meanwhile I had to find some sure hiding-place, this in preference to burdening anyone here with my secret.
  • They have the earth-hunger, or preference for property in land, which is said to mark the Teutonic nations.
  • He would have cheerfully gone to State's-prison in preference to compromising Julia.
  • His sway over the stage and the popular preference continued until 1773, when a clique of envious rivals at Rome brought about his first disaster.
  • This is quite wrong: any preference of the Royal to another Society is the work of the contributor himself.
  • English capital was placed for preference in Turkish and in Egyptian bonds, to the great loss of all concerned.
  • Nay, I had a marked preference shown me over the younger son of a needy baronet, and a captain of dragoons on half pay.
  • In Scotland and Sweden the chimney is the favorite road, in other countries no such preference is shown over doors and windows.
  • A person may express a preference for certain portions of the Bible without declaring all the rest of the Bible worthless.
  • In the Kensington Gallery in London students are given them to study in preference to the originals.
  • It must be acknowledged that when not abused there are points in favour of its employment in preference to sodium sulphite, but these are outbalanced by certain disadvantages.
  • Already they saw their families brought to the gutter by this hunchback ruffian, who hit them below the belt in the most ungentlemanly fashion in preference to starving.
  • However, prophecies did not seem to trouble Emily, though the evident preference that Shireen showed for her pleased her not a little.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Preference | Preference Sentence

  • I believed your word in preference to hers.
  • Caroline had already signified her preference for him.
  • But her preference for a staff position was not consulted.
  • Yet hath your heart no earnest preference known?
  • Her manner seemed to betray no preference for one or the other.
  • Besides portraits and landscapes, his preference was for still life.
  • However, he is not wholly lacking in taste and preference in his foods.
  • And Jonah was stupefied by this passionate preference for one woman.
  • Let us discuss them in preference to stock," said Clarence.
  • It's perfectly fatal for a girl to show such preference for one man.

Definition of Preference

(US) To give preferential treatment to; to give a preference to. | Preferans, a card game, principally played in Eastern Europe.
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