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  • He had his own reasons for preferring rooms to an hotel.
  • And then she was hurt at his preferring to have me with him.
  • Hemlock has no such fastidiousness, even preferring rotten wood as a seedbed.
  • I have travelled a great deal, preferring a life of adventure.
  • She did not even undress, preferring to be ready for instant action.
  • Ere long, preferring even pedagogy to starvation, he again became a teacher.

How To Use Preferring In A Sentence?

  • They did not wish to kill him, preferring to take him prisoner for the sake of the ransom.
  • She had refused two offers of marriage, preferring the bondage and the exile that she knew.
  • They nest commonly about habitations in their range, usually preferring orchard trees for sites.
  • During the ride home she made no mention of Mr. Schirr, preferring not to worry the housekeeper.
  • If he is preferring his nephew to his brother, it is using the latter as ill as the rest of the world.
  • Barbara stared hard at the speaker, having no suspicion of his sinister purpose in preferring this request.
  • His wife shared with him this unostentatious spirit, preferring the voice of friendship to the acclamations of the multitude.
  • The choice of a place caused some difficulty, each prince preferring a locality near his own frontier.
  • Many of the fugitives plunged into the forests, preferring the slow tooth of famine to the swifter stroke of steel.
  • Then it rose up, and preferring a fallen form to an erect, it followed him with light majestic tread.
  • Germany had long before developed the greatest fleet of dirigible balloons in existence, preferring them to every other type of flying apparatus.
  • There is, for instance, the charge of evading the cares of housekeeping, and of preferring a boarding-house or hotel.
  • I had but one horse, and did not care to wear him out by chasing around over the prairie, preferring to save him for some great effort.
  • Our fellows had nobly stuck to their work, preferring to get drenched to the skin rather than that their masters should go without dinner.
  • I filled my own saddle-bags, as did the rest of us officers, preferring to take no further chances on the grub question.
  • Opposite was the big open fireplace round which they so often had sat, preferring its wide-flaring homely comfort to the more formal drawing-rooms.
  • He rarely employed this sort of man, preferring to do his own dirty work, but when he did, he knew it was policy to be liberal.
  • The young men of the capital flocked to his rooms, forgetting balls for cards, and preferring the emotions of faro to the seductions of flirting.
  • In preferring the one to the other, therefore, we are, literally speaking, penny wise and pound foolish.
  • In the rides, he had talked to her but little, preferring to listen to the unbroken chatter which Pansy kept up with her.
  • They were sitting in the smoke-room with him, as was often their habit in the evening, preferring it, as he did, to the stately drawing-room.
  • Stineli's face had clouded, but she made no protest, preferring to have Rico say what was needful.
  • Raphael could not be induced to join the company, preferring to spend the night devouring some books lately come from Venice.
  • I rendered the words, and Umslopogaas, preferring truth to modesty, replied emphatically that this was the case.
  • Sometimes I have accepted four beds and a roof over my head; often not even this, preferring to lodge in a tent.
  • Then the sleighs were had out for a glorious drive over the frozen snow, but Isabel refused to join the party, preferring to stay quietly at home.
  • Several days elapsed before Jim took up his story, Owens preferring to wait until the prospector grew stronger.
  • They had purposely put out the electric light after their coffee was served, preferring only the lights in the rooms behind them and the splendour of the night before.
  • He gave his own reasons for preferring the Cubists to the cult of Picasso, but his new friend seemed to have but a faint interest in either.
  • Although a member of the Privy Council, he holds no longer any special office, preferring quiet and retirement.
  • The life in Leyden was so hard that many chose to return to their own land, preferring English prisons to liberty at so dear a rate.
  • There are, in the language itself, decisive reasons for preferring one pronunciation to another; and men of science should be acquainted with these reasons.
  • Christianity came, and instead of physical beauty substituted moral beauty, infinitely preferring the expression of the soul to the perfection of the body.
  • I like ambiguities and detest great glares; preferring thus for my critical no less than for my pedestrian progress the cool and the shade to the sun and dust of the way.

Definition of Preferring

present participle of prefer
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