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  • He prefers to have them rage against him.
  • Only then he prefers to do nothing.
  • One race prefers to inhabit there.
  • He prefers to remain a prisoner until he is exchanged.
  • He prefers to curl himself up on top of the oven.
  • If she prefers to stay, leave her.
  • She prefers to stand there, exasperated and chafed.
  • Whichever hand he prefers to row over, he should stick to.
  • She wants to marry you, but she prefers to marry me.
  • Captain still prefers to stop away, and does not telegraph.
  • But I think she prefers to.
  • And, on my word, he prefers to sleep in the basement.
  • Beauty is the form under which the intellect prefers to study the world.
  • He prefers to put her on a pedestal and say his prayers to her.
  • He prefers to put such things away from him whenever he can.
  • You know quite well that he prefers to be waited on in a skirt.
  • He does not say where; he prefers to keep that up his sleeve.
  • He prefers to drive the tireless engine than to whip the straining horses.
  • Where miracles are performed, the man of science prefers to leave the field.
  • But he prefers to be a Minister, and most unfortunately he is not a statesman.
  • I believe the Michigan group prefers to be called a chapter.

How To Use Prefers To In A Sentence?

  • Jonas is a past master in this sort of thing, and he prefers to do it all himself.
  • It is here, in this little familiar corner, that she prefers to settle her progeny.
  • She prefers to make her way up the brook to a number of large flooded peat-bogs and meadows.
  • If a planter prefers to grow gages, he must protect his trees from bullfinches and other birds.
  • For, strange to say, the youth prefers to be addressed as a person of precocious maturity.
  • The Boer is coarse in his conversation, although he prefers to regard it as wit.
  • For reasons of his own King Heathman always prefers to use the dialect of his country.
  • Mrs. Garis prefers to call her books "juvenile novels" and in them romance is never lacking.
  • Thode's too much of a man for that, and I fancy he prefers to lead a man's life.
  • I am pleased to know that Mr. Fortescue prefers to keep index and catalogue distinct.
  • Sir J. Wake prefers to take the seven seals as representing the seven liberal arts.
  • She meant a, b, c, you understand, but she prefers to say it in Greek, being a sophomore.
  • If the cloth is white he can apply a test direct to it, but as a rule he prefers to dissolve the stain out.
  • Tama's ordinary costume is much the same as ours, except that he prefers to go barefooted.
  • God always prefers to use as mediums men who can be suspected of having been deceived themselves, or having reasons to deceive others.
  • One prefers to trace it back to mechanical or economic conditions; but censorship undoubtedly has a share in the process.
  • A woman should marry a lover of her sex, and feel proud to know that it is she whom he prefers to all and loves best of all.
  • Other arts one prefers to see superlatively practised or not at all; but it is only of the bungled crime that man can endure to think.
  • The submarine normally prefers to use its guns on merchant ships, for the torpedoes are expensive and comparatively few in number.
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