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  • That form, how pregnant with a godlike trace!
  • Embryos in 25 pregnant females averaged 5 (2-7).
  • Its pregnant symbolism has taken its rise in the most natural manner.
  • There is a mystery pregnant with revelation; but not in itself the revelation.
  • This she did most solicitously, and awaited the pregnant day and hour.
  • And crook the pregnant hinges of the knee, Where thrift may follow fawning.
  • On medicine, I'll thank you to supply A pregnant utterance or two!
  • Says a pale, pregnant woman, Who's fervently blowing A fire near the pond.

How To Use Pregnant In A Sentence?

  • It was then he baptized the pregnant woman and her offspring, and resuscitated another.
  • It is all very fantastic, but also very beautiful and marvelously pregnant in its symbolism.
  • They are especially good for pregnant mothers, and diabetic and blood pressure patients.
  • They are symbolic and for speculative thought alone, though pregnant with practical applications.
  • But there was another incident at Erfurt more pregnant of ultimate changes than any of these.
  • How should the hour not seem pregnant with destiny, a herald of the march of Fate?
  • The vagueness of "Somewhere away" was as vast with pregnant possibilities as his desert.
  • Though cooks are often men of pregnant wit, Through niceness of their subject few have writ.
  • Janis soon became pregnant with his child and eventually gave birth to him in mid-2651 C.E.
  • Thus Preller looks on his mother, Semele, as a personification of the pregnant soil in spring.
  • Thus Turgot's life was almost exactly contemporary with the pregnant era of Voltaire's activity.
  • The light, the fragrance, the song so pregnant with meaning, all wrought upon Glaucon of Athens.
  • Two Women who were pregnant are with their Infants rescued from Death unto Life.
  • Two Women who were pregnant are with their Infants rescued from Death unto Life.
  • The situation was too pregnant with tragedy for him to run away and leave the pair to deal with it as best they could.
  • Seven females known to be pregnant or lactating were not observed to move more than 100 feet away from their centers of activity.
  • It produces no practical result on the habits of men in the least degree commensurate with the pregnant import it contains.
  • They teach the women who are pregnant by them how to procure abortion, and secretly murder the new-born babes.
  • She listened with straining ears to certain whisperings behind her; to certain silences more pregnant than whispering.
  • The future of the American farmer is one of the most pregnant social problems with which we have to deal.
  • The air was pregnant with new hope, with a vague uplifting of sense and being that told of the coming of a new day.
  • What, then, could be the contents of the little brown parcel the professor had bequeathed to him with his pregnant dying sentences?
  • Others looked aside, met their fellows' eyes in a pregnant glance, and slowly returned to him.
  • Captain Smith's words are often pregnant with a wit whose pungency is delightful.
  • But to the elect it is pregnant with the possibilities of seed-time and harvest, of a full fruitage, of abundance and content for man and beast.
  • Her airy manner, which seemed to him to be so pregnant with contempt, tried him more than reproaches might have done, or rage.
  • When emotion fires their brain, they break into spontaneous eloquence, or suggest the motive of a poem by phrases pregnant with imagery.
  • He wastes no time in elaborating and explaining his thought, but embodies it in short, terse, pithy, and pregnant sayings.
  • An hour the most critical, the most pregnant with great events, since hours had begun to be numbered, since time had begun to run.
  • Eckma became pregnant again, and Manguino was certain that his child would be the ultimate, due to the drug that both of them were taking.
  • If a man wishes to marry a woman and she shares his desire, or if on her becoming pregnant he desires to marry her, he speaks with her parents and with his.
  • Nowhere, it is believed, can a more striking illustration of the truth of these pregnant words be found, than in the method adopted by necessitarians.

Definition of Pregnant

(chiefly not comparable) Carrying developing offspring within the body. | (comparable) Having numerous possibilities or implications; full of promise; abounding in ability, resources, etc. | (now poetic) Fertile, prolific (usually of soil, ground etc.).

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