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  • New light on prehistoric cultures.
  • And this is the size accorded to that prehistoric hero.
  • They were like the tracks of a prehistoric monster.
  • Marriage by treaty also existed even in prehistoric times.
  • The Swastika was certainly prehistoric in its origin.
  • Nadaillac, Prehistoric America, p. 66.
  • Nadaillac, Prehistoric America, p. 328.
  • And over yonder is where they dig up them prehistoric villages.
  • Sheila had the feeling she was shaking hands with some prehistoric animal.
  • But his religious importance goes back to prehistoric times.
  • It resembled a prehistoric toad rather than a fish of the present day.
  • They have been found in prehistoric Crete and in the islands.
  • Uninscribed scarabs, however, go back to the prehistoric age.
  • Swastikas on bronze pin-heads from prehistoric Armenian graves.
  • A find of prehistoric gold ornaments in county Clare should be mentioned.
  • We know nothing of Egyptian relations with prehistoric India.
  • It was arranged in groups: The prehistoric (or Pagan) and Christian.
  • Notes on the Castellieri or Prehistoric Ruins of the Istrian Peninsula.
  • The Catellieri, or Prehistoric Ruins of the Istrian Peninsula.
  • He--an atavism, a prehistoric man!

How To Use Prehistoric In A Sentence?

  • Many of these monsters were larger than the prehistoric dinosaurs which once roamed the earth.
  • Unknown and unnumbered billions of men have been so destroyed in prehistoric times.
  • In the coal measures are found the mummied remains of these prehistoric conifers.
  • And the prehistoric man in me rather exulted in the idea of fighting for my desire.
  • The hill is lofty and a place likely to be selected for the burial of some prehistoric magnate.
  • The art of sawing stone was alike practiced during prehistoric times in the two hemispheres.
  • First, as to the proper limits of language for the investigation of past and prehistoric times.
  • I had always hated beards, and considered them a relic of prehistoric barbarity.
  • Rice is the staple food of the common people, and has been raised from prehistoric periods.
  • Of this wonderful, semi-civilized, prehistoric race, we have no written testimony.
  • This prehistoric belief left its traces in the official religion of later Egypt.
  • That Theni was the name of a very ancient prehistoric city, its location unknown.
  • Some details of the discovery of Prehistoric implements are given in the Gazetteer.
  • Upon the Rio Grande are prehistoric monuments that have attracted the attention of archaeologists.
  • That alone seemed to explain the presence of these prehistoric birds at Pine Inlet.
  • A tremendous unfinished work covering Sicily from prehistoric days to the reign of Agathocles.
  • All other differences between the prehistoric and the historical religions may be traced to this one.
  • It is ultimately idiotic to compare this prehistoric participation with any royalties or rebellions.
  • These barrows and their contents bear evidences to the artistic workmanship of the prehistoric dwellers in our villages.
  • Each had a worship of prehistoric antiquity, and it is vain to theorise on their original relation to each other.

Definition of Prehistoric

(properly) Of or relating to the epoch before written record. | (inexact or humorous) Synonym of ancient: very old, nonmodern, unfashionable, etc.
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