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  • They're prejudiced and they've branded the prejudice on.
  • The same prejudice exists against Cape diamonds.
  • Query, Is this prejudice still common?
  • Here I am encountering the most popular prejudice of our time.
  • This feeling, or prejudice as some would call it, extends even to eggs.
  • So far as I can discover, the prejudice against color is of modern origin.
  • All the same, I've got a prejudice against seeing it pump.
  • I found no prejudice against my complexion in the Palais Royal.

How To Use Prejudice In A Sentence?

  • Such a mind is supposedly free from prejudice and seeks the truth at any cost.
  • Popular prejudice has made the study embarrassing and even dangerous to those engaged in it.
  • The brain alone is the enemy of prejudice and precedent, which alone are the enemies of progress.
  • He will never prejudice the man who holds in his hands the purse of the Tamiya.
  • They were equals in this direful, unlovely place; royal prejudice stood for nothing here.
  • Both who and what I am: lest my vocation Should prejudice me in your good opinion.
  • Unless he could justify himself he would remain to them as a mere figure of prejudice and unreason.
  • With all the race prejudice against you that he had, wouldn't you have done as he has?
  • The prejudice now felt against them for bearing on their persons the brand of slaves, cannot die out immediately.
  • He had taken a prejudice against the agent, but he wanted to be sure of the facts before he questioned him about their bearing.
  • This was an accident certainly, but an accident irreconcilable with the least shadow of prejudice pointing in that direction.
  • But they have heretofore displayed an indifference almost criminal, and appear to participate in the unworthy prejudice against refugees.
  • Again, it would remain to be proved that restraint would always operate to your advantage, and to the prejudice of the rich.
  • Such prejudice may be overcome in course of time, but in the interval not a little damage may have been done in the shape of tapping wounds.
  • Is all theological prejudice and bigotry extinct, that an author may hope to have a perfectly fair hearing, and impartial decision?
  • There is a very natural prejudice against the Levantine race, but my new acquaintance formed an exception to the rule.
  • There had often been considerable difficulty in overcoming the prejudice and "the rest-and-be-thankful" spirit both of landlords and tenants.
  • We are won by his unaffected manner, his gentleness of argument, his ingratiating tones of voice, his freedom from prejudice and passion.
  • It is to be feared, however, that this prejudice has narrowed many preachers down to a pulpit style almost devoid of warmth and action.
  • The Castilian deputies declared immediately that they were ready to do this, without prejudice of going on to the decision of the negotiations.
  • He seemed so perfectly confident in his own powers that I confess my hastily formed opinion became moderated and my prejudice weakened.
  • Around my home, as you know, are many immigrants, foreign-born, who do not inherit or feel the prejudice against color.
  • But, with millions in slavery and others as tightly bound down by prejudice as if they were slaves, I see no encouragement.
  • The prejudice and malice of the common people were dangerously stirred up to fight the quiet, persistent inroads of aggressive Christianity.
  • These names were generally retained on this side of the Atlantic so as not to arouse the prejudice of their English neighbors.
  • The subtle influence of Paris, which undermines the bulwarks of principle and prejudice by insensible degrees, was at work.
  • Do not trouble about this; for I think it weak to trust servants, whose ignorance and prejudice often lead them to wrong ideas.
  • Two days afterwards he sailed for Europe, encountering on his voyage his last experience of American prejudice against colour.
  • Mr. Remond has felt deeply, (probably more so than any other coloured man), the odious prejudice against colour.
  • It was a condition of affairs clamouring for remedies, but there was an immense amount of indifference and prejudice to be overcome before any remedies were possible.
  • And be careful that you do not spoil your case by over-confidence when you attempt to sow prejudice among us by calling them well-born and respectable!
  • All of the above must and shall be investigated without any prejudice to the rights of ownership and possession of either side, in accordance with the said treaty.

Definition of Prejudice

(transitive) To have a negative impact on (someone's position, chances etc.). | (transitive) To cause prejudice in; to bias the mind of. | (countable) An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge of the facts.
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