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  • I am not so prejudiced as you think me.
  • I have till lately been prejudiced against them.
  • You might take a prejudiced view of things that have occurred.
  • He would be very prejudiced indeed who would not acknowledge their merits.
  • The fellow's style of talk prejudiced me against him.
  • Paul knew long ago how prejudiced the old man was in this respect.
  • He refused to allow his mind to become prejudiced by previous events.
  • I believe they are prejudiced against us, and want to get our property.
  • Every impetuous, impatient act is dragged before the prejudiced mind.
  • There remained the book world, a less narrow and prejudiced one.
  • I confess I myself am prejudiced in favour of sermons of a consoling kind.
  • For I feared it might sooner or later reach his ears from prejudiced mouths.
  • And here, I daresay, his bravado carried him too far and prejudiced his case.
  • These lines, I think, prejudiced me a little against even heaven.
  • I never heard Gipsy Smith before, and I was not prejudiced in his favour.
  • He is prejudiced by Lady Henley--odious woman!

How To Use Prejudiced In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps you have been prejudiced against the doctor, owing to his political proclivities.
  • Thus we find evidence that he was by no means onesidedly prejudiced in favor of things Oriental.
  • No people are more insanely prejudiced against the Hebrew race than the Germans.
  • Things look bright, now; but I fear they will soon become prejudiced against the truth.
  • Do not be prejudiced against the gospel because it may be seemingly twisted into a support of slavery.
  • No one can believe that the author of this letter was the blindly prejudiced man some have painted him.
  • It was all the more remarkable because the surroundings were such that the most prejudiced skeptic could discover no possibility of trickery.
  • Changes of venue to courts either prejudiced or known to be favorable to the technical interpretation of the law were very easily procured.
  • I forgot that it is not for the prejudiced eye to detect the almost imperceptible bound which separates soundness of mind from insanity.
  • Napoleon himself was at first prejudiced against the Jews, regarding them as usurers and extortioners.
  • Byrd may have been prejudiced by his father who, although believing himself facing death, still did not call a physician.
  • Even if modern Germany has misused science and brought it to reproach, we need not be prejudiced against science.
  • Oh, if you would only attack this thing with an open mind, and not start prejudiced against Charlie.
  • This prejudiced the world so much at first, that several of my friends had the assurance to ask me whether I were in jest?
  • I am prejudiced against him; let us admit that on the start, and remember it in estimating what I say.
  • The Abolitionists very naturally were prejudiced against every slave-owner; they were also prejudiced in favor of every slave.
  • Washington was strongly prejudiced in favor of the Virginia route; and no man could have had better reasons for prejudice, as will be shown.
  • You dislike me, I know; and no wonder, prejudiced as you necessarily are by the company you choose to keep.
  • I had heard much of the aristocracy of England, and must confess that I was not a little prejudiced against them.
  • Bathurst, I believe, was not a dishonest man, more than he was prejudiced by party against one of the honestest and best of men.
  • The fellows will declare I was prejudiced against Gordon, and they will not be to blame unless you can prove yourself the best man.
  • My answer is this, you are totally mistaken; I never, directly or indirectly, prejudiced your position.
  • To clear up this seeming contradiction, I must observe, that the one was prejudiced against, and the other in favour of, this isle.
  • A few prejudiced persons have decided that he has an interesting countenance; the propounders of this verdict have been, for the most part, feminine.

Definition of Prejudiced

Having prejudices. | simple past tense and past participle of prejudice
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