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  • Then the nobles and prelates prepared for the coronation.
  • The curates are ill paid, and the prelates are overpaid.
  • For how many unlearned prelates have we now at this day?
  • Most of the ships were presents from the prelates or great barons.
  • One day a numerous deputation of prelates asked for an interview.
  • But prelates make not much account of mere priests, who are in general poor.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury was there, and three other prelates of high rank.

How To Use Prelates In A Sentence?

  • Bishops and other prelates shall not hereafter pay anything to the pope for confirmation.
  • The prelates took a much higher view of their necessities than was taken by the king.
  • And that the said curses be twice a year denounced and published by the prelates aforesaid.
  • Down the line of prelates on either side, his gesture, look and words were successively repeated.
  • That age is prodigal in offensive epithets; kings and prelates and doctors alike use hard words.
  • Of course, I was anxious to learn how both these prelates regarded that incident.
  • In Germany the different prelates examined the Templars in their respective dioceses.
  • It is of no less importance that the prelates be as much respected by the people as are the audiencias.
  • But the prelates were far from unanimous in their construction of the rescript which they promised unanimously to obey.
  • Blanc, the assemblage of prelates at Worms resolve upon the deposition of Gregory VII.
  • Several prelates and abbots having obeyed the summons of the pope, the king seized on their temporalities.
  • All the knights were required to attend the funeral; and the prelates were invited to give their presence at it.
  • The Succession of the Prelates and Members of Cathedral Bodies in Ireland.
  • By committing and prosecuting divers worthy prelates for humbly petitioning to be excused from concurring to the said assumed power.
  • He hated monarchs in the state, and prelates in the church; for he hated all whom he was required to obey.
  • But since the sum required for the prelates was not named, the field thus left for argument was wide.
  • The royal castles having been demolished, the prelates should surrender theirs until the castles belonging to the crown could be rebuilt.
  • The acquitted prelates took refuge from the crowd which implored their blessing in the nearest chapel where divine service was performing.
  • Finally the governor interposes, and the affair is settled for the time, the two prelates absolving each other in turn.
  • In the course of the trial, which it seems was not conducted in a very regular manner, the prelates and the nobles got into a dispute.
  • The impetuousness of youth outweighs the calculated wisdom of the three greatest prelates outside Rome.
  • In the good old times Christendom was an insane asylum, and insane priests and prelates were the keepers.
  • He took great delight in what I had to relate concerning our beautiful ceremonies and the dignity of our prelates in their pontifical vestments.
  • But the prelates and clergy of the city honoured the sovereign, who always supported the Church and favoured the priests.
  • Other nobles and prelates in great numbers, mounted many of them on splendidly-caparisoned horses, and in full armor, joined in the train.
  • And than aftre hem, alle the prelates of hire lawe, and religiouse men and other; and every man zevethe him sum thing.
  • Do we see a great multitude of humble, generous prelates devoid of ambition, enemies of pomp and grandeur, the friends of poverty?
  • The French prelates were perpetually giving him reminders that this vote depended on his keeping the Pope on his throne.
  • The prelates who condemned the Bequest Act, denounced those who accepted the task of administering it.
  • Then he passed on to the luxury in which some of the prelates were living, and to their overweening influence in the Councils of State.
  • Diniz, the able and enlightened king of Portugal, did not suppress the order, whose innocence his prelates had recognised.
  • Let us always respect the worthy prelates who, like those who direct us to-day, edify us by their tact, their knowledge and their virtues.
  • In the mystic incense of the liturgy to Aphrodite was what prelates and patricians, the people and the planet long had needed, a doctrine of love.

Definition of Prelates

plural of prelate
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