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  • He sounds a preliminary flourish.
  • Attention is the sole preliminary to conversion.
  • But not at all as the preliminary to a love-affair.
  • I have all the necessary preliminary data.
  • There was no time for preliminary councils.
  • There are however some preliminary explanations.
  • The use of this preliminary is obvious.
  • There was no preliminary preparation of the manure.
  • But that was merely a preliminary feeling.
  • Was there no preliminary question to be settled?
  • But all this was only preliminary to what came later.
  • The preliminary treatment of rolling.
  • So much for the preliminary remarks.
  • Some preliminary notes on the subsequent exposition.
  • Two of the preliminary contests we have already witnessed.
  • We reach here the close of the preliminary period.
  • The preliminary formalities went forward.
  • Only the short preliminary round had been played.
  • Larry determined upon a preliminary measure.
  • The preliminary rules were speedily arranged.
  • With this preliminary we may proceed with our tale.
  • One preliminary comment may be admissible.
  • What should be the preliminary study of a new composition?
  • There were preliminary bouts before the main event.
  • Some preliminary notes on the subsequent exposition.
  • Some preliminary commands of drill were executed.
  • I do, after a good preliminary smoke.
  • Let us handle this problem for a preliminary examination.
  • This takes place in three preliminary stages.
  • A preliminary success was followed by a galling disaster.
  • School is "in" for the preliminary exercises.
  • In preliminary work he was apt, rapid and skillful.
  • In all, however, the preliminary steps are the same.
  • This was the preliminary of the interview of Plombieres.
  • One preliminary question, however, is to be discussed.

How To Use Preliminary In A Sentence?

  • A preliminary analysis of the herpetofauna of Sonora.
  • A preliminary catalogue of Alabama amphibians and reptiles.
  • In the preliminary heat London did the course in 7 min.
  • Pecan Culture: a Preliminary Report.
  • A preliminary report of the New England Cottontail studies.

Definition of Preliminary

In preparation for the main matter; initial, introductory, preparatory. | A preparation for a main matter; an introduction | Any of a series of sports events that determine the finalists
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