Premature In A Sentence

Definition of Premature

occurring before a state of readiness or maturity has arrived | taking place earlier than anticipated, prepared for, or desired | (informal) suffering from premature ejaculation

How To Use Premature In A Sentence?

  • Even the native forest trees dropped much foliage and went into premature dormancy.
  • He had that peculiar look of the officers of the Landsturm threatened with premature obesity.
  • Others, then, had suggested to this large, unwholesome youth the possibility of premature decease.
  • He was not yet forty years old, but bore the cast of premature decay, more aged than age.
  • As for my Amati, I knew its race so pure that I feared for it no premature decay.
  • It was also remarked that all the active persecutors of the order perished by premature or violent deaths.
  • It is as a means of melting down this museum of premature petrifactions into living and impressionable soul that we insist on their utility.
  • It would be premature to express the opinion that the less one sees of it the more one is likely to admire it.
  • Of the deeper significance which underlay the meeting of this remarkable assembly it is still perhaps premature to speak.
  • As an example might be quoted an instance in which premature coagulation was found to take place to a surprising degree.
  • These premature beginnings of cold break down and leave the rest of the year the warmer, if not the better for them.
  • While he is certainly premature in his theories of equality, the tendency of popular feeling is toward him rather than from him.
  • The directors were probably pleased with this premature dexterity in their pupils, and praised their despatch at the expense of their correctness.
  • As a general rule it is noted that premature coagulation is less marked on estates situated on comparatively hilly land.
  • The ninepin alley was deserted, for the premature chilliness of the day had driven the company within doors.
  • Instead of being educated for health and long life, they are trained in many instances for disease and a premature death.
  • Only the greatest effort at self-control kept him from ruining everything by premature action; his exultation was getting the better of him.
  • The chest, placed in the dining-room of its new home, was the recipient of much premature adulation.
  • The inevitable results were for him the premature loss of health and strength, and for his people misrule, extortion and widespread unhappiness.
  • A young yellow birch has a venerable, patriarchal look, and seems ill at ease under such premature honors.
  • He had now climbed to the post of command in that rude establishment; and premature command in any sphere tends to make men unsocial and imperious.
  • I do not believe in a premature Christianity, so taught as to be able to give an account of itself in early youth.
  • If the after-birth should be retained, as it generally is in cases of premature labour, this need cause little alarm to the owner.
  • This was very encouraging, and, so far, quite satisfactory, though it would have been premature to rejoice.
  • These are all matters in which the Viceroy should not be committed to the premature exercise, on the spur of the moment, of his supreme authority.
  • The premature opening of the campaign was certain to make Austria pivotal in European politics once again.
  • But for his promise, he would have warned Gabriel of the danger which threatened him, and probably have complicated matters by premature anger.
  • The sudden and frightful massacre by the savages in March, 1622, obliterated instantly all vain and premature projects.
  • He seldom dwelt upon the converts that already testified to the success of the mission; it might be gathered that he had ideas about premature fruition.
  • Other opinion to the contrary it is now generally acknowledged that the possibility of premature coagulation in the cup or bucket is at least not diminished by the addition of even clean water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Premature | Premature Sentence

  • But they were a little premature in their elation.
  • Will it not be the source of his premature decay?
  • But it would be premature to dogmatise on the subject.
  • They grumbled that this premature alarm was ridiculous.
  • The premature and unauthorised action left no alternative.
  • The fat lips twitched with premature enjoyment.
  • Mistitch had precipitated an unwelcome and premature crisis.
  • He added that it would be premature to publish the articles of Fontainebleau.
  • But Hubert Waldron determined not to form any premature theory.

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