Prepaid In A Sentence

How To Use Prepaid In A Sentence?

  • Sold by the leading booksellers everywhere, or sent prepaid on receipt of price.
  • For sale by all booksellers, or sent prepaid on receipt of price by the publishers.
  • Telegrams sent prepaid to Mancos, Colo., will be phoned to addressee at park office.
  • Of course, regular carriers, in their accustomed routes, could deliver prepaid letters at a much cheaper rate than this.
  • It will follow that all occasional papers will pay two cents postage, that is the same as a letter, unless the postage is prepaid by the sender, at the office where the paper is mailed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prepaid | Prepaid Sentence

  • He prepaid his prayer.
  • Price, with postage prepaid by mail, $2 50.
  • Price for either edition, prepaid by mail, $3 00.
  • Postage prepaid to all Subscribers in the United States.
  • The postage will be prepaid by them at the New York Post-office.

Definition of Prepaid

paid for in advance | simple past tense and past participle of prepay
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