Preparation In A Sentence

Definition of Preparation

(uncountable) The act of preparing or getting ready. | (uncountable) The state of being prepared; readiness. | (countable) That which is prepared.

How To Use Preparation In A Sentence?

  • Write the equations for the preparation of the three sodium salts of orthophosphoric acid.
  • Large quantities of ammonia are also used in the preparation of ammonium compounds.
  • In recent years increasing use is being made of the electric current in the preparation of metals.
  • In the commercial preparation of carbon disulphide, what is the function of the electric current?
  • Three general ways may be mentioned for the preparation of sulphur dioxide: 1.
  • He moved in the room in vague preparation for departure, when he heard a soft laugh.
  • The preparation of hydrochloric acid may be discussed under two general heads: 1.
  • In the matter of preparation the most important detail would be to tell Olivia.
  • The same apparatus can be used as was employed in the preparation of chlorine (Fig. 53).
  • And Jo Briscoe was tuning his violin, evidently in preparation for an unusual effort.
  • Besides this he made every kind of preparation for his journey to the island of the devils and set out.
  • The principle of reversible reactions finds practical application in the preparation of most of the common acids.
  • Show that the preparation of sulphur dioxide from a sulphite is similar in principle to the preparation of hydrogen sulphide.
  • It is only when our rights are invaded or seriously menaced that we resent injuries or make preparation for our defense.
  • Bromine finds many uses in the manufacture of organic drugs and dyestuffs and in the preparation of bromides.
  • The reason for the addition of sulphuric acid to water in the preparation of oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis will now be clear.
  • In the preparation of nitrogen from the air, how would hydrogen do as a substance for the removal of the oxygen?
  • The clock struck two as he closed the last drawer and knew that that part of his preparation was completed.
  • Liquid air is used in the preparation of oxygen and as a cooling agent in the study of the properties of matter at low temperatures.
  • From the resulting equation, explain in what the preparation of hydrogen consists when examined from the standpoint of this theory.
  • But to get that, a more thorough logical and metaphysical preparation is needed than is usually supposed necessary.
  • Flowers of sulphur, the preparation of which has been described, consists of a mixture of rhombic crystals and amorphous particles.
  • On the supposition that bone ash is pure calcium phosphate, what weight of it would be required in the preparation of 1 kg.
  • University have greatly helped him in the preparation of his manuscript University have greatly helped him in the preparation of his manuscript.
  • She might be a little surprised at first to be called down like this, but with a few words of preparation and purely as a matter of art . .
  • Reflections such as these will furnish the best preparation and give the right attitude of mind for understanding the Hegelian philosophy.
  • Cullen had promised, to use his own expression, "to spread himself" in the preparation of this meal, and he kept his promise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Preparation | Preparation Sentence

  • Suggest a method for the preparation of hydrochloric acid.
  • This preparation and long waiting were another thing.
  • No preparation do we need, Here we together are.
  • Advantage is taken of this fact in the preparation of artificial ice.
  • The ladies were engaged in sorting the linen in preparation for the sale.
  • Is the equation for the preparation of hydrosulphuric acid a reversible one?
  • While this method of preparation is a simple one, it is not economical.
  • What weight of sulphur dioxide is necessary in the preparation of 1 kg.
  • In the preparation of phosphine, why is coal gas passed into the flask?
  • Her mind, itself, refused any preparation for the scene that awaited her.
  • The 2 companies on troop duty practical work, preparation for the schools.
  • I thought I would wait awhile and make some preparation for that ordeal.
  • It reached Alice Yorke in the midst of preparation for her marriage.

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