Preparedness in a sentence

Definition of Preparedness

The state of being prepared. | Precautionary measures in the face of potential disasters.

How to use Preparedness in a Sentence?

  • Thus he completely changed front on the question of preparedness from 1914 to 1916.
  • Such a collection of reproduced missives betokened the carefulness and preparedness of the possessor.
  • Or the country in which military preparedness is so merged in everything else as to be indistinguishable from the rest of life?
  • I am in a state of perfect preparedness to see beauty in a picture, even if the subject is to me repulsive.
  • Soon it will become a commonplace preparedness sought by all thoughtful, sincere young people who are about to marry.
  • Every nerve in him was on the alert, yet she could detect nothing of caution or preparedness in his careless voice.
  • The preparedness of mind is to be noted, and yet more the firmness of the conviction, in the strength of which alone such deeds are done.
  • In none was the slightest indication of preparedness for work, for the thoughts of all were obviously miles away from the theatre....
  • Roosevelt had always been a staunch advocate of national preparedness for war, and was delighted to have the opportunity of aiding this cause himself.
  • This must be mainly the result of such education as induces an inward preparedness for responding to and assimilating the essential life of a work of genius.
  • A mere annual expenditure of fifty million pounds sterling will suffice for such thin pretence of naval preparedness as a disarmed nation will have to maintain.
  • All clear-seeing people realise that, as things are in the world today, there is a certain amount of preparedness that is necessary for influence and for insurance.
  • We are today contemplating maintenance of an enlarged army and navy in preparedness for further upheavals in the world, and failing to provide even some insurance against war by a league to promote peace.
  • The doctrine that preparedness will prevent war will not stand the test of logic, and the conflagration in Europe shows that it fails when tested by experience.
  • Each step taken by one nation toward more complete preparedness excites the other nations to additional purchases and new levies, until all have exhausted their productive industries and menaced their moral progress.

Short Example Sentence for Preparedness

  • Disaster preparedness and relief.
  • How can preparedness prevent war, if all prepared?
  • There is such a thing as fitness and preparedness for the ordinance.
  • But preparedness and capacity call for more consideration, however brief.
  • But, as we have indicated, his preparedness is primarily inner, spiritual.
  • You know the preparedness scare and the trouble with Mexico and everything?
  • The block-houses I beheld were evidences of preparedness against this danger.
  • I believe that this, and nothing less than this, is preparedness to meet God.
  • He nodded indifferently: "There was a preparedness parade.
  • Ah cert'nly believes in preparedness after seein' yo', Brer Skunk.

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