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How To Use Prepossessed In A Sentence?

  • Forester cast his eyes over the table, and thought he perceived that his delay had not prepossessed the company in his favor.
  • Tired as he was, Bertie was not by any means so prepossessed by the appearance of the bed as his companion seemed to be.
  • To say that I was prepossessed in favour of my pupil after my first conversation with him, is to say but little.
  • He thought it not advisable to press her farther; he had made good headway, she was prepossessed in his favor, that was evident from her manner.
  • Jakey admired Firmstone, and this admiration prepossessed him in Firmstone's favour.
  • He was not greatly prepossessed with Peg, but then few people were at first sight, although she was a handsome girl and magnificently built.
  • But he possessed other than local claims, though these, no doubt, prepossessed many Willenhall folk in his favour.
  • He was smartly dressed and had an alert look, but while there was nothing particular in his appearance that she could object to, she was not prepossessed in his favor.
  • Your subsequent appeal to my compassion was clothed in such terms as formed a powerful contrast with your dress, and prepossessed me greatly in favour of your education and capacity.
  • Finding his friend so prepossessed in favor of exercise, Dr. Skihi proposed to him that they should go and take a walk, to which he readily agreed.
  • Now, for positive penetration the head prepossessed by a suspicion is unmatched; for where there is no daylight; this one at least goes about with a lantern.

Definition of Prepossessed

Showing bias or partiality | simple past tense and past participle of prepossess
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