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  • There is an indescribable grace in the air this first day of prescient autumn.
  • He ruled over lands, and was of all men wisest and prescient of the future.

How To Use Prescient In A Sentence?

  • Some such visit had been anticipated by the prescient woman, so there was no reddening.
  • The money universe, most susceptible and prescient of all worlds, rocked with nervous alarm.
  • It invested her with a shade of inscrutable, prescient sorrow, as of old unhappy far-off things.
  • That strange intelligence, that wraith of coming events, does not speak, except a prescient soul listens.
  • His prescient ability, functioning with its usual efficient aplomb, told Malone that things would not be better, or simpler, in the morning.
  • If Killbuck had been a prophet, or the most prescient of "medicine men," he could not have more exactly predicted the movements in the Indian camp.
  • He goes to the one for its furious energy, for the thrill of the rivalry of real people; he turns to the other for an experience of intensity, of prescient skill.

Definition of Prescient

Exhibiting or possessing prescience: having knowledge of, or seemingly able to correctly predict, events before they take place. [from early 17th c.]
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