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Definition of Prescribing

present participle of prescribe

How To Use Prescribing In A Sentence?

  • We have been in the habit of so prescribing the B.P. tincture in 1/2-dram doses three times daily.
  • On account of its possible violent cathartic action great prudence should be exercised in prescribing it.
  • Directions as to how the work shall be done eliminate waste by cutting out all wrong methods and prescribing the right method exactly.
  • The doctor had been summoned, and, after prescribing a tonic, had advised quiet and avoidance of all excitement.
  • He cures the sick, bestowing upon them much love and charity, and prescribing for them his purges and medicines.
  • But in its limited and proper sense, it denotes the rules of human action prescribing what men are to do, and forbidding what they are not to do.
  • Had there not been earlier change in the old custom prescribing that the heroines of the British drama should be personated by boys?
  • His fingertips used to split in the cold weather from much piano pounding and I won his heart by prescribing collodion for them.
  • During my life, I had no power over it, but my death would justify me in prescribing the course which it should take.
  • What he wants, of course," he proceeded in the tone of a family doctor prescribing for a patient, "is disembowelling.
  • The early fathers and the councils of the Church referred to them in defining the true doctrine and prescribing the correct practise of the Church.
  • The duty of prescribing the mode of conducting the election, and of canvassing the votes was, therefore, devolved upon the Legislature.
  • The burden of proof rests upon those who would have the state abandon this principle and substitute for it the principle of prescribing the conditions of scientific investigation.
  • Vincent himself gave minute directions for its making, prescribing the ingredients so that the greatest number of people might be maintained at the least expense.
  • She applied the same method to her daughter that she did to her vines, tying her firmly to the wall of her own ability, and prescribing the direction and length to which she should grow.
  • There is, however, somewhere power to enact a law authorizing the people to make a constitution and prescribing the manner in which it is to be made.
  • This is the point from which we start; each indictment is now a bill of pains and penalties, a special law naming the criminal and prescribing his punishment.
  • He added, that he could then hold a consultation with his wife, who was often very useful to him in prescribing remedies for the maladies of his younger patients.
  • Another serious complication of the sick-room arises from near-by friends who are very certain that their own physicians are better fitted by far for the serious work of prescribing for the sick.
  • The physician with a bad cough and broken-down constitution is still prescribing for consumptives and patients with all manner of aches and pains, of which his own body is a perfect index.
  • The doctor left without prescribing any medicine, stating that he would not return unless called, and expressing his opinion that the patient would recover.
  • The local physician had been consulted, and said that nothing whatever was the matter, yet had gone away with a grave face after prescribing a simple tonic.
  • Here was obviously a natural place to introduce laws prescribing the ritual of these species of sacrifice and the circumstances which demand them, and accordingly we find in Lev.

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  • I'm going to do the prescribing after this.

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