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How To Use Prescriptive In A Sentence?

  • In spite of all this, long habit has secured to these pernicious customs a sort of prescriptive right.
  • Is it inferable that that coat was ever borne by patent or admissible prescriptive right, by any of his ancestors?
  • Old scenes and associations rapidly pass away to make room for new ones, and prescriptive usages fall into oblivion.
  • There are few sorrows so stubborn as to resist the united influence of wine, a circle of select friends, and a season of prescriptive gaiety.
  • To preserve the nation from such misrule, he protested that he ardently wished to see the reins of government again in the hands of prescriptive authority.

Definition of Prescriptive

Of or pertaining to prescribing or enjoining, especially an action or behavior based on a norm or standard.
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