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  • A new spectacle then presented itself.
  • The advance agent presented a card.
  • Her hastily levied army presented a formidable force.
  • Here addresses were presented to Von Moltke.
  • One of my children had been presented with a pair of guinea-pigs.
  • Wallie acted upon the suggestion and presented the severed member.
  • Grief nodded, and another calabash was presented to the animal.
  • I perceive, now, on what object you have presented yourself here, to harangue.
  • It seems that the two pets had been presented by rival lovers of Madame.
  • General Grant was thanked, and presented with a gold medal by Congress.
  • She walked to the desk and presented it for Mr. Cone's consideration.

How To Use Presented In A Sentence?

  • At a certain age young women of a certain position naturally have to be presented to society.
  • Catharine embraced the elder girl, who shyly presented her forehead to be kissed.
  • For no system, when presented in its true colours, is more gloomy and appalling than his own.
  • I remember the winter she was presented at Court, how much she was admired! and good Lord!
  • The engraved copy of the score of "The Battle" must also be presented to the King.
  • I could not but feel extremely interested and gratified by the singular scenes continually presented to me.
  • She then brought from the crown of her bonnet a paper full of bonbons, which she opened and presented to me.
  • The use of condensers as pieces of apparatus and the problems presented by electrostatic capacity in lines are discussed in other chapters.
  • In this he does wisely; but having shaped his doctrine to suit himself more exactly, in what form is it presented to us?
  • Turning out of the market-place, a narrow street presented itself: here were factories and the backs of houses.
  • Now we see this scheme as it is in itself, in all its nakedness, just as it is presented to us by its own most able and enlightened defenders.
  • As we are rational beings, so we are not tied down to that appearance of things which is presented to one particular point of view.
  • Why did he not, in this way, spare the universe that spectacle of crime and suffering which has been presented in the history of our fallen race?
  • The person so presented was a tall, handsome stripling with blooming red cheeks and no trace, as yet, of a beard.
  • They were in prodigious numbers, and presented the appearance, as they flew along in the bright sunshine, of a large flock of rooks.
  • It was a different and forbidding aspect which the old brick and steel barn of a train-shed presented this muggy August morning.
  • My education was neither general nor thorough; hence I groped darkly with the psychological questions which were presented to me.
  • I managed the egg, but it was all I could do, and she then presented me with a cup of hot barley-water.
  • The dog, with a loud yell, followed her, and easily overtook her, as the ascent up which she had climbed presented a broad footing.
  • I sat horror-struck, covering my face with my hands, seeking, as it were, to hide from myself the frightful images he had presented to my mind.
  • The scene that presented itself, when I could get a view of what was going on, almost took away my breath.
  • This argument is, in substance, the same as that presented by Bayle, and relied upon by atheists in all subsequent times.
  • Such being the case, it is obvious that the separation between the electrodes is very small, while the surface presented by both electrodes is very large.
  • Prepared to encounter a woman of disordered mind, the appearance presented by Mrs. Taylor at his entrance greatly astonished him.
  • Fresh from months of solitude and from days at sea, her splendour presented itself to him absolutely unconquerable in its perfection, unless by her own folly.
  • What is termed necessary evolution seems to be only the order in which a succession of ideas presented themselves to the mind of Hegel at a particular time.
  • Though we have taken great pains to obviate objections by the manner in which we have unfolded and presented our views, yet we cannot but foresee that they will have to run the gauntlet of adverse criticism.
  • In spite of her active life and her disastrous affairs, she presented an unblemished complexion, as if her hard rosy surface were protected by some indestructible glaze.
  • Moreover, the illustrations in the edition here presented are obviously by the same hand as that which embellished the other three books, and it was felt that for these reasons it would possess a greater interest.

Definition of Presented

(mathematics, of a group) Having a specified presentation, or a presentation with specified properties. | simple past tense and past participle of present

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