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  • My presentiments were not deceived.
  • You know you often say that my presentiments come true.
  • Strange presentiments agitated him without his being able to control them.
  • She is alarmed by bad dreams and by presentiments of evil to come.

How To Use Presentiments In A Sentence?

  • With the coming of day the sad presentiments and the terrors of darkness were partly dissipated.
  • Premonitions and presentiments of coming events form a numerous class of well attested cases.
  • What you say about presentiments reminds me of a strange experience that I had myself.
  • His presentiments were too well founded; disaster was hovering over the house of Sechard.
  • Since his departure from Maison-Forte, the gloomiest presentiments had assailed his mind.
  • One of those vague superstitious presentiments that men are ashamed to confess to their dearest friends shot across him at the moment.
  • He had heard of presentiments of ill under similar circumstances and had disbelieved them all, but now it was different ...
  • But where is the man who, in a crisis of his life, does not willingly listen to presentiments as he hangs above the precipice?
  • To drown the dark presentiments that haunted him, he sat down to table again, and with his companions drank immoderately.
  • I'd have thought it was one of those fool presentiments if I were the only one to feel it.
  • His merit is rather that he was able to illume chaos, darkness, and presentiments by the very indefiniteness and the vague music of his soul.
  • And it was truly with trembling, in the face of all presentiments of what the gift might possibly, must certainly, import to her.
  • It requires more nerve than I possess, to dispel all the dark presentiments that come upon the mind.
  • It is to be hoped that my presentiments may not be verified, but I foresee a difficult part for the candidates for popularity to play.
  • In short, the soul has its clairvoyance; it has presentiments of suffering, grief, joy, antagonism, or hatred in others.
  • Every thing is completed for man between birth and death, in spite of the instincts and presentiments of his heart, and even the principles of his reason.
  • It was generally understood, on the day before the trial, that the idea of a rescue was abandoned; and the trial commenced amidst gloomy presentiments and blighted hopes.
  • A secret of such weight, suspended in time, ought surely to have weighed upon all our lives; and presentiments or revelations should have arisen on every hand.

Definition of Presentiments

plural of presentiment
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