Presenting In A Sentence

Definition of Presenting

present participle of present

How To Use Presenting In A Sentence?

  • Opportunities are always presenting themselves to the watchful and the initiated.
  • Before this reaches you, he will have had the honor of presenting himself to you in person.
  • The most cruel characters have been those presenting this admixture of luxury and ferocity.
  • Leslie and her mother had refrained from presenting to her particular persons in the company.
  • It should present the book instead of merely presenting remarks about the book.
  • Ballard bit hard on his cigar, and all the phrases presenting themselves were profane.
  • Let us imagine a particular picture presenting itself to man in the imaginative world.
  • On presenting the body to the course of the rays a remarkable shadow is cast on to the screen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Presenting | Presenting Sentence

  • These were not long of presenting themselves.
  • To the lady he is presenting a partridge.
  • Dodo presenting thimble 10.
  • No one thinks of presenting you with a testimonial.
  • A footman was presenting a dish at my side.
  • A secretary is on his knee presenting papers.
  • It seemed like presenting it to his foes.
  • The world is presenting a sad picture.
  • This is an important point in presenting a monologue.
  • We have adopted a new method of presenting this subject.
  • Its defenders shrink from presenting it in broad daylight.
  • Accordingly he charged forward, presenting his pistols.
  • Hope to serve the public better by presenting new ideas.
  • Twenty skits, presenting people with their foibles.
  • In presenting articles, go to the left side of the person.
  • He lost no time in presenting himself before the Emperor.
  • This implied my presenting of the young man to Catriona.
  • The statue of Paris presenting the apple to Venus.
  • St. Nicholas presenting children to the Virgin.
  • St. Ambrose presenting a General to Virgin.
  • He is asked the question on presenting himself with his baggage.
  • Nothing was more remarkable than his dexterity in presenting his case.
  • This was considered the only proper attitude in presenting gifts.
  • The minerals presenting this character are marked in the table.
  • The soles which you are at this moment presenting to me are slightly scorched.
  • Didn't you observe it presenting its head to be scratched?
  • In thus presenting themselves they "press the button.
  • He found him presenting the usual premonitory symptoms of death.
  • Alexander VI presenting Baffo to St. Peter.
  • What time does the law fix for presenting cheques for payment?
  • I have assumed the difficult task of presenting one of these great lights.
  • My master spoke of presenting him with a handsome collar of solid silver.

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