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Definition of Presidential

Pertaining to a president or presidency. [from 17th c.] | (obsolete) Presiding or watching over. [17th-19th c.] | With the bearing or composure that befits a president; stately, dignified. [from 19th c.]

How To Use Presidential In A Sentence?

  • Ballard shook the presidential hand and swung up to the platform of the private car.
  • The presidential office should never be in the control of the judicial branch of the Government.
  • Nor is there wisdom in limiting the Presidential office to a single term in the same person.
  • Carranza carried the Presidential art of biting the hand that fed him to an undreamed-of height.
  • The Presidential election of 1864 was then upon us, and indeed it was most momentous.
  • At the Presidential election of 1872 the island gave Grant a majority of three.
  • My education in the burning political questions had been sharply marked by the presidential campaign of 1860.
  • The importance which agriculture had attained was attested by the establishment of a separate ministry in the presidential cabinet.
  • The presidential election of 1800 will always retain its place among the most memorable in our history.
  • Congress took no notice of it, but drew up a constitution providing for a limited presidential term of four years.
  • In 1703 he was elected to the presidential chair, which he continued to occupy until his death, in 1727.
  • The presidential bell was in constant requisition on this particular night, for the debate had taken an extremely acrimonious turn.
  • Later he displayed another kind of versatility by letting henchmen hold the presidential office while he remained the power behind the throne.
  • There is no form of education that more fully justifies its cost than the education that is gained in a Presidential canvass.
  • The presidential chair represents the universal criterion either for good or for evil, although it is not usually associated with evil.
  • I much preferred the milk, cheese, and brown bread of the mountaineers to all the dainties and wines of the presidential table.
  • Two of them went from the county to the Fargo state convention to nominate delegates to the national presidential convention.
  • In this message may be recognized the second important point in the Presidential programme for the next election.
  • Upon a comparatively placid presidential regime followed a series of barrack uprisings or attacks by Congress on the executive.
  • Do you mean to say that a Presidential campaign does not keep your nerve-centres in a constant state of pleasurable titillation?
  • I had come into personal contact with him in the Presidential campaigns of 1860 and 1864, when he seemed to be pleased with my efforts.
  • As he was hailed with blessings on entering, so was he greeted with blessings when he quitted forever, the Presidential chair.
  • His successors in the presidential office found it impossible to govern the country without Garcia Moreno.
  • At the end, I claimed that the other occupants of the Presidential office had not gained appreciably by their promotion.
  • Whispering Smith waved his hand in something of the proud manner in which Bucks could wave his presidential hand.
  • The peace and prosperity of Hayti would be promoted by reducing the term of the Presidential office to two years.
  • The tide of battle turned; Santiago and Valparaiso capitulated; and the presidential cause was lost.
  • The Presidential chair has been filled the greater number of years by Southerners, and the majority of offices has been shared by our men.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Presidential | Presidential Sentence

  • We did the presidential tour for ten towns a day.
  • In the evening they went to a Presidential reception.
  • Dawning of the Presidential Canvass.
  • They are also to be charged with the presidential election fraud of 1864.
  • She made a perfectly splendid presidential candidate at one of the meetings.
  • The presidential election was held, and ended in a disputed presidency.
  • On that sacred book the oath of Presidential responsibility is taken.
  • The project to extend the Presidential term is full of danger.
  • And herein is one reason why the Presidential term should not be extended.
  • As soon as Brunowski had resumed the presidential chair, Zabern again spoke.
  • It occurred in an article on the American Presidential Election.
  • Mr. Flam's instructions in regard to the Presidential Canvass.
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