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  • This press is your armory.
  • The press is the universal parliament.
  • Liberty of the press is carried to its fullest extent.
  • Our press is sometimes said to create it.
  • The pictorial printing-press is now your only wear!
  • The press is muzzled by the iron hand of power.
  • The printing-press, is it not the gift of tongues?
  • The Press is vurry enlightened.
  • What a power the Press is, to be sure!
  • A general view of the press is given in Fig.
  • The Associated Press is an organization for getting news.
  • The press is forbidden to publish any news of this character.
  • This press is not the yellow press at all; it is the drab press.
  • If press is not secured, old pieces of marble can be used.
  • The press is allowed the most unlimited freedom, and even licence.
  • Ignatius Press is systematically publishing his collected writings.
  • This press is worked by a lever, something like an old-style cotton press.
  • The Press is already overcrowded with laudations of commonplace books.
  • If the lawyer-politician is unavoidable, the Press is indispensable.

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  • It is on that account that the influence of the press is dangerous, you will say.
  • The anecdote of his first contribution to the press is perhaps not too familiar to repeat.
  • Now, the undergraduate contributor to the press is seldom successful as a humourist.
  • The grim fact that we are now faced with is that the day of the free Press is over.
  • No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free, no one ever will.
  • The law of the 21st of July 1881 on the press is one of the most liberal in the world.
  • For while the legal profession is naturally homogeneous, the Press is by nature heterogeneous.
  • Here the jingo press is raging and seeking to fire minds to war, not in Germany.
  • The Press is without clergymen or counsel; and you doubtless wish it were also without voice.
  • The Chicago press is an institution that, fortunately, still survives in these iconoclastic days.
  • The claim of victory, which was promptly and loudly made by the German press, is absurd enough.
  • Even the Press is no longer agitated, as in all recent cases of attack by German submarines.
  • The only inference is that for purposes of real public opinion the press is now a mere plutocratic oligarchy.
  • The press is a great and peccant engine; and who has public interest more at heart than your editor?
  • Gentlemen, the press is a mild-spoken and truly modest institution which never chants its own praises.
  • Immense heaps of apples lie piled near them, and the creaking of the press is heard as the horse treads on.
  • A type of the hydraulic press is presented by the chest cavity and the larynx, considered as one apparatus.
  • The press is his mint, and stamps him now and then a six-pence or two in reward of the baser coin his pamphlet.
  • The press is always ready to print interesting stories about people, without inquiring too closely into their authenticity.
  • The greater part of the matter he communicates to the press is simply worthless, and wholly devoid of interest to any sane person.
  • The critic on the Press is a news-gatherer as surely as the man who is sent to describe a public meeting or a strike.
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